10 Online Slots Players Would Love to See Along With Popular Casino Game Like Starburst Slots

Online slots are a huge business and abundant creative ideas are put into most of the releases. Though there are still a few slots that are yet to materialise and these slots can be launched by suppliers like Playtech, NetEnt containing hit games like Starburst slots. Some of the slots that the players would absolutely love to see released are:

Here’s a probable list of online slots that may do well…

#1 – The Rolling Stones

Band-themed slots are always admired by the players. The bonus attributes could be featured upon every band member, the band songs could be played in the background while spinning the reels and few elements of the game could be motivated from the song titles.

#2 – Boardwalk Empire

Betting is a dominant theme in this series so the online slot with symbols of the characters from the series like James Darmody, Arnold Rothstein and Margaret Thompson could be released. The bonus features could be positioned on the visions and sounds of Atlantic City.

#3 – Donald Trump

The tenure of the 45th President of the United States has emerged as quite a circus until now. The game would be in the fashion favored by Trump, including golden reels, dollar symbols, false tan symbols. Slots suppliers such as NetEnt with supreme games like Starburst slots can probably assist Trump to make online slots gambling amazing again.

#4 – Grand Theft Auto

The Rockstar Games had built an action-pack computer video game series with the similar name. The effective characters from the series could be utilized in the online slot and the bonus games could be based upon distinct editions of the game like Vice City and San Andreas.

#5 – Star Wars Episode VII

Earlier, Star Wars slots were a hit in casinos but later Disney terminated them to preserve its prominence as a family-friendly corporation. The re-launch of the game containing the bonus games rotating around Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker would be incredible.

#6 – Guitar Hero VR

Virtual reality is the next major thing and NetEnt has already revealed the intention of launching VR versions of their slots like Jack and the Beanstalk along with its hit slots like Starburst slots. You could play before the public and win them over to gain cash prizes with the VR slots.

#7 – Taylor Swift

Slots developer Aristocrat released a Britney Spears slot a few years ago which was highly admired by everyone and the same response can be anticipated for Taylor Swift slot. You could activate a cash win by pairing her song lyrics to her ex-boyfriends and spin the reels while her songs play in the background.

#8 – Casino Royale

James Bond slots have been released before but one featured on the Casino Royale film feels like an instinctive progress with the betting element so dominant in the movie. You could take on Le Chiffre in a poker game to attempt to gain a jackpot and reels could be covered with Bond girls, Martinis shaken and Aston Martins.

#9 – NFL

NFL is among the biggest sporting authorities worldwide but it has been constantly rejected to possess its own game. Other sports have their own slots, for instance, horse racing has Playtech’s Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven slot. Hence, American football must also possess its themed slot and any chief online slots supplier like NetEnt with games like Starburst slots should start building it.

#10 – America’s Next Top Model

The symbols on the reels could be the earlier winners of the TV show such as Ann Ward and Eva Pigford. Every bonus feature could rotate around a distinct judge with Tyra and Nigel Barker being utilized for the regular admirers and Ashley Graham for the present generation.

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