A Decline in PA Slot Revenue While House and Senate Still Persist to Differ on the Bill

The fundamental issues of Pennsylvania’s physical casino trade are not sorting out as a multitude of other gaming standards containing online betting are being examined in the legislature.

The PA Slot Machine Issue

Lacking of any kind of modification, Pennsylvania slot machine profit seem to be on the verge of fall at its least, and on an elevation at its finest. According to the quotations from the PA Gaming Control Board, profit of slot machine was low in May. It was dropping in the month at 2.7%, or roughly $5.6 million ($203.25 million in May, 2017 related to $208.85 million in May, 2016).

In a void or as a singular, this may not appear to be a huge problem. Although, it is the eight month in which slot machine profit has been low. Except someone in PA’s jurisdiction or physical casino market possesses supernatural power, it appears not probable that this flow will change itself without any assistance. The profits gained by the numerous table games only have assisted casinos to not comprehend yearly losses.

At the same time, the profit condition in PA stays critical in provisions of profit for the state funds, with an estimated loss of $3 billion. Meanwhile, it is encountered with tax incomes from slot profits that are not probable to elevate but appear probable to drop. This indicates that it is all up to the PA legislature to act quickly and take necessary actions.

Differences Among the Bills

The House and Senate have passed their versions of large gaming proposals and both include online gambling in them. Though, they are distinct from each other, with the Senate doubtful to acknowledge with the House on two important concerns:

  • Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs) in hotels
  • A 54% tax rate on online betting versus a 16% tax rate

The House bill levies a 16% tax rate on online gambling and it also requires a single up-front licensing fee of $8 million. The Senate’s gaming package places a 54% tax rate on online slots and casino table games as well as a 16% tax rate on online poker. The Senate has separated the gaming licenses into two, with a casino license for $5 million and a poker license for the same amount.

The probable future stays that the House and Senate do not settle anything and do not pass gaming bill. Although, a chief representative of the House states that he considers that a mutual understanding is achievable. There are no certain facts that both the chambers will agree on a similar bill to pass but one thing is certain that iGaming will be very beneficial in PA.

Online Gambling Remains a Crucial Profit Producer

Containing the fitting taxes and fees in a final gaming proposal, online betting can assist the state for profit in PA in a relevant way, to the accord of hundreds of millions of dollars. We are also aware of the fact that online betting can assist to raise traffic in physical casinos and it would not salvage profit which probably may support the slot slide.

The two legislative bodies need to find a midway on the online gambling tax rate. Online gambling is still in an uncertain situation due to the differences among the bodies for the gaming bill. The only thing to look forward is whether the House and Senate will settle on a bill at the last and also how the iGaming market will appear in the future. It is probable that the answers to all will be available by the end of June.

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