An Insight into NetEnt’s Advancements in Online Casino Games Like Starburst Slots and Its Goals With Bjorn Kranz

Recently, the Managing Director of Net Entertainment North America, Bjorn Kranz was interviewed by Gambling Insider. This widely known business-to-business publication talked with him about his experience in the company, present status of NetEnt and its future plans.

Below are some key areas discussed with Kranz:

About Operational Achievements and Future Goals

When Kranz was questioned about the experience of his job, he mentioned that he has always enjoyed his work. He added that the company is strong enough to face the cutthroat competition in the gambling world and is all set to focus on regulated markets. NetEnt has already achieved worldwide popularity and is now ready to enter the new territories like North America.

When it comes to the ambitions, he stated that the entire team is focused upon creativity and innovation to deliver the best gaming products to the players. The strength of the company is its live casino, which it is going to develop even more in the coming months. Its extension to Europe and other areas is on the priority list.

What Makes NetEnt’s Content Different From Others…

Kranz answered this question in a very lucid manner. He stated that the company develops only the unique games that can captivate players’ attention across the globe. The gambling market is changing at a rapid pace where surviving gets tougher. However, the crew of NetEnt is equipped with the right skills and strategies to comprehend the needs of the customers and offer the products accordingly. The company works with creativity and innovation to focus on the growth enablers and enjoy an edge over other competitors.

He even added by saying that NetEnt is innovating in all the key arenas with complete emphasis on research and product development. In fact, the company celebrates ‘Innovation week’ in which it welcomes the opinions and suggestions of the entire staff. It encourages new ideas to make better changes in the products. It is known that it showcased its live dealer award functionality and virtual reality product at the recent ICE. The managing director asserts that the company is aimed at putting forth its best to the audience.

The Prevalence of VR Technology

When asked about prevalence of VR technology for the players in the coming years, Kranz mentioned that the company is in a process of developing VR content and players will soon be able to access these games. NetEnt is investing in better mobile solutions, which in turn, will support players in possessing necessary hardware at an affordable price. This idea ignited after NetEnt saw a Swedish company offering free headsets with new iPhones. In near future, it is going to launch new VR game based on Gonzo’s Quest slot, which will be as interesting as Starburst Slot.

When it comes to the sales figures of mobile headsets, Bjorn Kranz stated that they have reached to millions. He is hopeful that the numbers will increase even more with the VR technology becoming accessible to more and more players around the globe. Once the technology is launched, every player will have an equal access to it.
The bottom line

It is true that Kranz gave a great insight into the company’s plans and objectives. His strong confidence showed that NetEnt is ready to work with the new technology in full swing. Learning from the past and ongoing advancements, it is all set to use the developments and augment their product offering. While talking about the players, they are going to have the most thrilling experience with the VR games coming their way. Thus, it’s the time to stay tuned to the upcoming updates of NetEnt.

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