An Overview of Starburst Slot

Looking for a slot game that offers you more drama, excitement and potential rewards than many of your traditional online slot choices? Then Starburst slots really cannot be matched. Its’ a video slots game with 10 pay lines and 5 reels to pick from and while it may not have a progressive jackpot you can hit up to $2,500 as a reward for your hard work! If you want to have a chance of walking away with such a large amount of money then they can give you all of the help and assistance you need to really make the most of the game itself!

Designed by the clinical and experienced Net Entertainment, this is one of the most exciting additions to the online slots world for quite some time. It has a significant difference in the terms of look and style when you compare it to more traditional games like Starburst, and also includes features you don’t see regularly on online poker like kickers. It’s a pretty unique take on the online slots world so if you want to try something different there are very few better choices out there than Starburst.

It’s a big change from the usual NetEnt design and ideas but that is not necessarily a bad thing – it’s just a new direction for the company itself. With a nice number of different prizes to pick from and with ten pay lines to choose from you aren’t too likely to lose the mortgage on here and you are able to bet up to $100 per time, which is more than enough to cover all of the usual playing styles from the high rollers to those just looking to have a little fun.

Whatever it is that you are looking for from Starburst, you will find it. It’s a fun, exciting and quick to reload game that can go on for hours and hours if you so choose. While it may lack quite significantly in special features – which puts some people off using it as the long-term solution to their love of slots – it also gives you re-spins that you can really use to your advantage down the line!

So if you are looking to try something a bit new and unique without really putting yourself in a situation whereby you are effectively throwing money down the drain then Starburst could be just for you. It’s quick and it’s easy to enjoy and get used to but it also provides you with enough bonuses that you can make a nice amount of money to use for whatever you want in this world!

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