Greentube is one of the most prominent full-service providers of online games. It has set its benchmark in the online gaming and entertainment industry with its unique gaming products. At present, the provider is highly very excited to participate in the ICE Totally Gaming 2017. The company will exhibit itself with the massive NOVOMATIC booth and will be displaying the most advanced variety of omni-channel gaming products. This will be done at the Interactive section of the exhibition.

Greentube’s Mission at ICE 2017

Greentube is the Centre of the interactive entertainment of Novomatic. At the exhibition, it has plans to showcase its multifaceted content and the latest variety of slots. The company is all set to interact with the visitors, business partners and other exhibitors for better growth prospects. It is going to display its latest innovations and the newest products that it has developed. Overall, the Novomatic booth will have the latest mobile developments, live dealer games, slot games like Starburst slot, social gaming solutions and much more for its visitors.

To add on, Greentube North America has recently partnered with Treasure Island Resort & Casino. With Greentube Pro, it will launch all the social gaming solutions and the B2B social casino platform. Greentube Pro is developed by BlueBat Games and is aimed at permitting all the traditional casinos to have an access to the gaming library of Novomatic. Yes, the company is going to develop a customized look with its unique gaming offerings.

Stakelogic’s Competition and Autograph Session at ICE 2017

While talking about the StakeLogic’s team, it is ready to captivate the eyes with another attraction. It is going to introduce a new 3D slot game called Dart Heroes, which has four leading dart players of the world including Raymond van Barneveld aka “Barney”, Gary Anderson aka “The Flying Scotsman”, Phil Taylor aka “The Power” and Michael van Gerwen aka “Mighty Mike”. The action-packed program will feature all these characters demonstrating their dart skills to their fans. No doubt, it will be one of its kinds.

The visitors will be given an opportunity to take autographs of their favorite characters at the autograph session of the exhibition. In fact, they can also participate in the competition, which is conducted by Russ Bray aka “The Voice”, the dart referee. Thus, do not miss the chance to try your luck at the competition. In fact, Unicorn has sponsored the distribution of dart boards at the exhibition but only in a limited number. With this, StakeLogic will also launch its other casino titles including Clash of Gods, Bank or Prank and Tropical Adventure just to mention a few.

The Plurius System

The Plurius system will represent the omni-channel approach of the company. It is going to connect the two different worlds of online casino gaming and land-based casinos. The integration will further help in distributing the same kind of content across all the platforms. This is done in order to improve the revenues of the casino gambling industry. The blend of all these channels will certainly enhance the players’ retention. At present, this system is offering the leading titles of Novomatic and the content from other third parties.

In the interactive session, Extreme Live Gaming will also play a great role. The company is highly thrilled to display its Extreme Live Box at the exhibition and other live dealer games to attract the visitors. Further, Extreme has used the latest technology to develop the games that can encourage the player’s engagement and increase its popularity. Thus, you should now get ready to witness the latest gaming products and offering by Greentube at ICE 2017.

Those days are gone when people used to prefer only land-based casinos. Now people are more attracted to online casinos. Yes, online casino gambling has become the latest trend with more and more players signing up at these casinos. When two talking about the difference between the traditional and online casinos, many people assume that there is hardly any difference. They believe that they both offer same gaming experience with the jackpot almost equivalent to each other. However, the fact is that both online and land-based casino industry are different from both scientific and business point of view.

Convenience and Fame

It is true that online casinos are making every possible effort to match with Las Vegas in terms of excitement and jackpot. However, Las Vegas is the world’s biggest gambling place that is visited by millions of players each day. The casino life at Vegas is simply outstanding enough to attract the people from around the globe. But, young people mostly visit this place to attend the shows, clubs, restaurants and other entertainment facilities.

On the other hand, when it comes to online casinos, they are way more convenient as compared to the land-based casinos. For instance, All Slots casino is one of the most popular casinos which can be accessed through laptops and even mobile. It means that players can enjoy their favorite slots like Starburst slots from any corner of the world. However, the variety of games offered by online casinos are more or less same in comparison to the traditional casinos. All Slots casino today offers over 700 gaming titles, out of which many are available on mobile version.

The Design and Development

A majority of the people today believes that online casino gambling is much more addictive than the traditional casinos. Nonetheless, according to the study by Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addiction, this is not the cause. The study revealed that the gambling addiction among players exist like it did three decades back when online casinos were not into the industry. This clearly states the fact the online casinos are not much addicted as they are actually seen.

When it comes to the addiction of traditional casinos, these casinos are designed to keep the players inside and keep them entertained. With introduction of the newest slots, the land-based casinos also spend on meals, drinks and other perks for the players. They make every possible move to keep the interest of the players intact and to not make them leave their seats. Even if the players are losing, they continue to visit the casino the very next day and play again.

For instance, it has been seen that in the UK, players lose 300 pounds on an average while the rate in US is doubled and in Australia, it is the highest. This means that people lose this much money only due to the fact that they remain in there for such a long time. It clearly signifies that traditional casinos have more powerful effect than their online counterparts.

The Final Verdict

Both Vegas casinos and online casinos are casual. However, players are able to access online games without any pressure to register an account. They can just try out the free games and then play it for real money later, as per their convenience. Further, online casinos allow for more social interaction, which is preferred by many players who love socializing with their competitors. At the end, it can be said that both the casino industries have their own importance and are sure to expand much more in the coming future.

Win a Day casino never leaves any opportunity to gain the attention of the players. After introducing four new video poker games, the casino has now come up with a new penny slot called Robot Escape. It already has 10 penny slots and 34 premium slots that have become a major hit. The company hopes that this slot will prove to be a great success in the New Year 2017. As the name suggests, the slot is a futuristic games with robots and droids all around the screen.

About Robot Escape Slot

This new online penny slot has been inspired by literature and sci-fi movies. It has a 5×4 format offering good chances for the players to make cash. The extra rows help in creating better winning combinations. In addition to this, the scatter symbols can trigger up to 10 free spins while they can be re-triggered up to 20 times. The slot has five droid symbols that can me you win 500 times f your original stake while the wilds present are sticky. The best part is that the game is perfect for the low bettors, as they can bet as low as twenty cents and maximum of up to $5 per spin.

Bonuses and Promotions that Apply to Robot Escape Slot

The players must sign up at the casino site at the soonest, as it is offering $12 freebie on Robot Escape slot. To avail this bonus, you will have to apply the bonus code, 12FREEBIE and will be required to make a deposit. It features low 7x wagering requirement and is sure to enhance the thrill of the slot. Moving on to the next bonus code, the casino offers 80% deposit bonus that can be availed applying TRYME code. The players can use this code only once in a day and is valid for all the slots like Starburst slot and Keno too. Thus, you can utilize it for the game that you like the most.

Win a day casino also offers 50% deposit bonus by applying the code, TRYME50. The best part is that you can use this bonus code twice a day and has lower wagering requirement. This bonus is again valid for all slots and Keno games. However, all these bonuses are only valid from 11-15 January, 2017. Thus, you should sign up before that only in order to have the most exciting and affordable gaming experience.

In the Words of Michael Hilary

Win a Day Casino manager, Michael Hilary recently mentioned in an interview that players had always been asking for the penny slot games to suit their pockets. Considering the same, the designer team of the casino has worked on making the Robot Escape a great success. Besides this, he also revealed that the casino is working and giving final touches to the new romantic slot that will be launched on the Valentine’s Day. The plans also include taking the mobile casino games to the next level. This simply shows that the casino has amazing plans for the year 2017 and is all set to expand and strengthen its customer base.

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, the Robot Escape slot is going to attract more and more players. The casino has taken a smart move by coming up with the exciting bonuses and promotions, which is sure to bring in more players to the casino site. If you still have not signed up at Win a Day casino then you must do it now without making any further delays. Start availing the bonuses and try your hands at your much loved slots.

Magnet Gaming has again captivated the attention of its fans by launching the newest slot called the Gold Rush: Valley of Riches online slot. This slot will give you an opportunity to mine the gold without actually digging it. The entire slot is based on a wild-west theme and involves nine reels. Without a doubt, this slot is going to make you go crazy just like Starburst slot.

About Gold Rush: Valley of Riches Online Slot

The slot is all about nine reels and, three bonus games and two progressive jackpots. The entire action of the slot takes place in classic western outpost, which looks simply marvelous. The animation effects of the game and soundtrack playing behind add more glamor to this slot. The most interesting part is that when you will sit inactive in the game, you will notice that the bearded gold planner will start snoring. Thus, it will make you to play more without being slept. The moment you will spin the reels, he will get a life and the pulley system will get active once again.

Two Progressive Jackpots in Gold Rush: Valley of Riches Online Slot

Magnet Gaming has offered enough chances to the players to win huge cash through Gold Rush: Valley of Riches slot. The slot offers two progressive jackpots with the regular jackpot starting at 500 and the other one at 10,000. You must know that both these jackpots are the progressive ones, which means that they will keep on growing as long as you will continue playing the slot. In addition, all your available credits will be displayed across the bottom on the far left. The value of each credit is displayed on the right side.

Players can adjust the bet per spin according to their pocket. By clicking on the gear wheel icon, you will be able to toggle the level from 1 and going higher up to level 10. If you wish to place minimum bet then you can do that at level 1 at which a spin costs just 0.20. At level 10, the cost is 10, which you can bet if you have a good budget.

Players must also know that the eight pay lines present on the three reels of the slot always remain active. These pay lines can run in any directions including horizontal, vertical and diagonal. With this, the slot also offers you with an auto-spin feature, a home icon and the option of placing maximum bet. The entire game has an easy user-interface and you will not have any issues in exploring any feature.

The Special Features of Gold Rush: Valley of Riches Online Slot

In order to win and enable the special features of the slot, you will have to score three same symbols. Out of all the symbols present, the highest value is of the gold bar and lowest value is held by baked beans can. The three gold bar symbols possess the value of worth 500 that can actually help you in winning more. The other bonus games, free spins and multipliers add stars to the slot and offer improved chances of winning. The most fascinating part is that you are awarded a free spin with the multiplier every time when you win a prize. Yes, the level of multiplier will keep on going higher.

Game Flash is another attractive feature of this Gold Rush: Valley of Riches slot. You can activate it by landing three symbols in the same row. The prizes of this feature include three bonus games and three credits. Thus, it is sure that this slot is going to make you rich. So, just sign up at a licensed online casino and start playing Gold Rush: Valley of Riches online slot.

The gambling state of affairs has certainly changed in Kenya. It is true that gambling was neither encouraged nor popular in the earlier decades. However, with the rise of SportsPesa in the nation, the interested gamblers have got a platform to bet on their much preferred sports teams. So, the betting, wins and losses is no more a surprising situation in Kenya. In fact, one can see slot machines in every next area of Kenya and people playing their favorite slots like Starburst slot.

The Introduction of GameMania App

Considering the rising interest of the Kenyans, Rambo Resource Ltd. has come out with an exclusive application called GameMania. The company is a comprehensive business corporate group having its headquarters in Nairobi. It has further branches in Athi River, Embu, Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisii, Nakuru and Meru. Initially, the company started its operations in the mining industry and gradually, extending itself to International trade. Today, it has entered the Gaming and Entertainment industry. With this GameMania app, the players will be able to enjoy casino games right from their mobiles only. They will get an easy access to the virtual and mobile casino. This is the very first app related to online gambling, which is launched by a Kenyan company.

The GameMania app comes with the table games like Baccarat, slot games and the Big Wheel game. To captivate the attention of more and more players, the app also rewards the players with welcome cash. The moment players will sign up at the website, they will be rewarded with welcome cash as their first deposit. Thus, by using this deposit, players can avail the opportunity to explore the wide variety of games without paying anything. In addition to this, players will be able to withdraw their money from mPesa without any hassles.

In the Words of Peter Gitau Njau, GameMania COO

Peter Gitau Njau, the COO of GameMania said in an interview that the company’s only aim is to offer the unique online gaming experience to every Kenyan player. He further added that the company is even offering more cash rewards to its prime players in order to retain them for longer. In fact, the company has received positive responses from the Facebook group at the time of Beta testing. GameMania is encouraging more players to provide their feedback through easy-to-reach contacts including email support, in-app customer support and the Beta group. This app is dedicated to all the Kenyan players who love playing casino games from within the comforts of their home.

The Additional Features of GameMania

The thing that makes this app unique is its integration with mobile money wallet, Mpesa. Through this facility, the players do not face any issue while withdrawing their gains and losses. It gives this app an edge over other present betting platforms. So, once you have started playing through this app, you can play and get paid in your local currency i.e. Kenyan Shillings. Furthermore, with more players downloading the app, the popularity of the online gaming will increase bringing in more profits to the casino industry.

The Bottom Line

GameMania is made for Kenyans with the Kenyan Shillings as the dealing currency and language that is understood by the local people. If you are living in Kenya and still have not downloaded this app then you are actually missing out on something great. The convenience, variety of games and ease of banking are sure to make you an addict of this app once you have started exploring it. So, download it and play your favorite games to earn cash!

Microgaming has welcomed the New Year by launching two new slots named the Life of Riches and Huangdi The yellow Emperor. They both are very excitingly themed slots that are going to be a heartthrob among players right after their launch.

These two new slots have been discussed in detailed below:

Life of Riches Slot

This slot is very thrilling just like Starburst slot. It is a 5 reel slot with three rows and 30 pay lines. The players will see nice posh wallpaper in the background, which will give you a very luxurious feel. Yes, this game is all about you feeling like a VIP. The moment you will sign up for this game, you will be taken to the world of lavish cars, exclusive jewelry and private jets all around the game. It will give you a feel of a millionaire lifestyle and you are going to love playing it.

As far as the symbols in the game are concerned, it features five girls in five different locations – in luxurious car, casino, and private jet, on a yacht and at a golf club. These girls will grab your attention with their stylish appearance. The wild symbol is the Life of Riches logo and players can enjoy the free spin bonus feature also. You can do that by landing three or more than three planet scatter symbols on the reels. During this round, all your wins will be multiplied by 2x. No doubt, the slot is worth playing for at least once.

Haungdi the Yellow Emperor Slot

The particular slot will take you back to the historical battle of Zhuolu. It will remind you of Huangdi’s victory over Nine- Li Tribe. All those players who are a fan of China must play this slot with the Chinese theme. The graphics of the slot are superb while the symbols include Huangdi, medicine boxes, swords of Huangdi and different instruments.

You will be thrilled to see Chinese calligraphy styled card including A, K, Q, J and 10. The Huangdi symbols act as a wild symbol and is capable of substituting for all the other symbols except the Dragon scatter. The Huangdi symbol appears stacked all the reels while his sword, instrument and medicine box appear stack only on the first reel.

The slot also offers free spins feature, which can be triggered by getting three Dragon scatters. You must know that 3 scatter will offer you 15 free spins, 4 scatters will offer you a bonus with 10 times your stake while the 5 Dragon scatters will land you with 100 times of your initial bet. You can continue to land three more Dragons in order to retrigger the feature and avail 15 more free spins. The rules of the game are not much complex. In the case of any doubts, you can always approach the customer support crew of the casino. Yes, the free spins feature can fetch you real big wins with granting you over 240 times your stake. You just need to be smart and skilled to play it.

The Bottom Line

Like always, Microgaming has come up with very interesting slots this time. It has started the year with a bang and is sure not to leave any stone unturned in the year 2017. Both these slots can be played at Microgaming powered casino. You just need to sign up at the casino site by filling in your personal details. You can then start playing by making the first deposit. Thus, it is the time to celebrate the New Year by playing the Microgaming’s two news lots.

Good news for all the gamblers is here. has now officially been launched. This site has gained the attention of the other existing online casinos and players by offering the free slots. On 20 December 2016, the site was introduced to the public and has brought about a revolution in the entire casino industry. The founders have established this website with an aim to give the free slot gaming experience a new height.

The Unique Features of

To start with, the foremost feature of this site is that players are not required to do any registrations by filling in forms with their personal details or anything of that sort. The registration is not compulsory but optional. If you wish to get some extra benefits such as free spins, bonuses, and gaming strategies then you will have to register yourself, as the site will have your record as a player.

Furthermore, all the games present on the site are absolutely free and the variety is just endless. You can play different games based on different themes such as romance, Pirates, Vegas, Egypt, music, history, fantasy and others. Right from the table games like roulette, blackjack, craps and blackjack to other slot games like Starburst slot, you will be able to play just anything and everything. You can also try your hands at video poker, scratch cards, online keno and other games. It means that the site has in it everything that can keep your interest intact.

The most exclusive feature is the transparency of the website. It makes the site innovative and attractive, as the entire legal technicalities have been explained in a detailed manner on the site. You can acquire complete information about the copyright, cookies, privacy and other gaming policies. And yes, everything has been explained in an easy language, in order to not confuse the players. Thus, the website does not hide anything and aims at keeping itself transparent at all levels.

The Real Money Games at

For the players who wish to play for real money, the site has an option for them too. These players can simply visit the Real Money page of the site and choose any one casino out of various options available. The site will offer you various tips and guidelines on how to go ahead with real money games. will also guide you on ways to improve your strategies of gambling.

The best part is that the wiki page of the website offers the entire information that is needed by the players. It will make you aware of the important terms and the vital information about the website. Whether you are an expert or an amateur, you will be able to access the site without any hassles. It has a user-friendly interface with clean graphics and great games.

The Crew of Specialists at has become a great success only with the due support of its professional team of experts. It has a team of qualified programmers, designers, and writers who are responsible for developing the site as a whole. These experts test each game, compare, evaluate and categorize it. So, it is sure that you will get only the best variety of slots on this amazing website.

As far as the future plan of the company is concerned, it aims at expanding its online slot database. The company assures the players that it will keep on offering the newest of the new slots for its millions of players across the globe. Thus, it is the time for you to visit and enjoy your favorite casino games for free.

The online casinos have today become the major source of entertainment around the world. It is true that the online gaming has shown rapid changes but has still not been able to reach twenty years of its age. With online gaming, the trend of online live casino has also increased. With everything available online, the players now do not feel the need to travel all way across to the land-based casinos to play their favorite slots like starburst slot. They can just play and enjoy the wide variety of games just b sitting within the luxuries of their home. As a result of this, online casinos have overpowered the traditional casinos in many ways.

The Development of Live Online Casino Games

Earlier, the online casinos were only aimed at recreating the ambience of the casino to attract the players. Nonetheless, the technology has changed the entire perspective of the casinos. They are now focusing on offering the best live casino experience to their players. These live casinos actually offer better opportunities to the players to interact with their counterparts and compete with them. The players are able to interact with the dealer while enjoying the colorful visual imagery, sound effects, clean graphics, and gaming action.

It is a fact that these online live casinos earlier used to offer only typical games like live roulette and live blackjack. However, the variety today has widened to a great height. You can now enjoy different kinds of poker, baccarat, different esoteric games including Sic Bio and other multi-player games. Without a doubt, the game interface of the games has improved largely and the players can interact with the croupier seamlessly. In fact, some social commenters say that these games are quite similar to other computer games that involve human interaction.

Mobile Gaming and Live Online Casino Games

Yes, the craze of mobile casino gaming has become a hit among players with more and more people becoming tech savvy. Initially, only a fewer variety of games were available on mobiles but today, you can play almost any and every game just by signing up at the mobile version of the casino. The best part about mobile gaming is that it provides convenience to the players. Players are able to play their much-preferred slots from any corner of the world even if they do not have an access to their laptop or desktop. With just a mobile and an internet connection, you can explore the hundreds of slots variety. The integration of online live gaming and mobile gaming is going to take place in this era. It will enable people to play at a mobile live casino without any hassles.


Players must be aware of the fact that not all online mobile casinos are genuine. Some mobile live casinos are only aimed at wasting the time and money of the players. Thus, you are advised to first read the reviews of the site before actually becoming a member of it. You can do your own research about the casino that you are planning to sign up at. They can ask for some good casino references from their friends who are an existing member of any site.
It is very important for the live dealer casino games to acquire an independent certificate in order to operate in the industry. With a little research and smartness, you can get the right casino such as All Slots casino. This one is an authentic casino with thousands of members and a wide variety of games. Thus, what are you waiting for? You should just sign up at a good casino to enjoy online live casino games.

A player at a very popular Bitcoin casino has just won a 130 BTC during a single playing session on Jetsetter Slots.

The winner, who prefers to stay anonymous at least for now, won 100 BTC at first on one spin, and followed it up with another 30 BTC towards the end of his playing session at BitCasino ( If you aren’t aware of the value of Bitcoin then this probably doesn’t mean much to you, but the equivalent is around £88,800 or $100,000.

Interestingly, the size of the wins shouldn’t really come as a surprise since Jetsetter Slots is known to be one of the most generous games at BitCasino. The game is one of the most popular ones from major gaming software developer Endorphina thanks to its cutting edge graphics and fast gameplay. The game taps into popular imagery about the high life to get its symbols, and these include fancy cars, piles of hard cash, and foreign destinations.

The Jetsetter Slot game has a pretty standard layout, in that it has five reels and three rows.

But what makes it special is that it has free games that are launched by its scatter symbols. It is these free games that make the big wins possible even on a relatively small investment since they contain free spins and multipliers. If you enjoy betting big then this is most certainly the game for you since you can wager a maximum €200 on each spin. This will no doubt deplete your wallet quickly, but it will also ensure huge payouts if you do win.

It is really very important to focus on how the free spins and multipliers built into the game can help stretch your money and give you massive wins.

Jetsetter Slot can give out a maximum 9000 coins on a single spin which is really very impressive.

It’s always best to play a game that has these special features because you can really hit it big on a good day!

Endorphina specialises in making flash-based video slots, and its games are featured on many casinos. These games are designed to give massive wins and they have enriched quite a few people over the last few years. The games have very high standards and the developer does a lot of testing to ensure that the Random Number Generator gives only fair results.

BitCasino is a well-known online casino that accepts crypto currency deposits. It features a wide range of games from niche as well as popular gaming software developers. You can try out games from Play’n GO, BetSoft, Betgames, Gameart, and Takisto, just to mention a few developers. The casino is extremely reliable and will process your payments without delay.

Try For Big Wins At Starburst Slots

Another game worth trying out is Starburst Slots from Net Entertainment. This is a very exciting slot game that has contemporary special features to boost your wins although it has an arcade style ‘80’s look to it. This 5 reel and 10 payline slot game is fast paced but the action really picks up when the Starburst Wilds appear on the reels. These Wilds can give you really huge wins, especially if the re-spins feature is activated.

These wilds can stay in place for at least 3 re-spins and you’ll be amazed at how your wins can multiply. However, since this will only happen if the win happens on an active payline, you’ll have to make sure that you have at least a minimum amount wagered on each of them. Go ahead and try this game out at NetEnt casinos for a great time.

Online casino operator and niche gaming software provider mFortune Online Casino has recently launched an innovative slot game called Hansel & Gretel.

This is a very unique game in that it has no reels, although it is very clearly a slots game. The symbols do not spin on the screen, as in all other slot games, but they drop from a tree and make up combinations on the screen. It is really very easy to get the hang of this game, and you won’t have to do anything apart from wager money and set the game to play!

The game, like most of the creations from mFortune’s design studio, has a very quirky look that you’ll get to recognize and appreciate very soon. It has macabre and childlike elements in it, and the contrast gives it tremendous visual appeal. The main characters are the cute eponymous kids as well as the horrid witch. While there are carton trees in the background as well as puppies, teddy bears, and sweet treats, there are also killer bees, axes and landmines.

Then again, anyone who knows the story of Hansel & Gretel would expect as much!

This game has 15 pay lines on which you can wager a minimum 2p. The game also has an autospin feature that you are sure to appreciate since it can increase the likelihood of wins for you. This means that you will also have a chance of being a winner at mFortune, joining the other lucky people who have collectively won around £45 million in the past 30 days alone!

The Hansel & Gretel slot game is out and out a visual treat, and the designers at mFortune have definitely put a lot of effort into it. As a matter of fact, the fact that the online casino features only its own games makes it very unique in the industry. The team has clearly been hard at work this year, and it has created more than 20 unique games these past few months alone. Some of the other popular titles from this company are Gold MacDonald, Bake Me A Winner, and Double Your Honey. The casino also features games such as bingo, two types of poker, blackjack, and roulette.

Another interesting feature of mFortune Online Casino is that it focuses on mobile gaming. This is one of the few casinos that designs all of its games to be played on mobile phones. You can play the games directly on its website or by downloading them to your device. The casino, started in 2007, has been around in the industry long enough to have built a very good reputation for reliability. This is clearly a company worth looking out for since innovation and creativity are its hallmarks. The industry is changing very rapidly, and so is the composition of its market, therefore casino operators and game designers need to keep thinking out of the box to come up with games that can attract and retain customers.

NetEnt Has Another Winner With Starburst Slots

Gaming software developer has launched Starburst Slots and it is available on a number of casinos. The game has a very ‘80s feel to it even though its speed and energy makes it an absolutely modern game to play. You’ll enjoy playing this 5 reel and 10 pay line game because of its unique Starburst Wild feature that expands over the reel and can result in 5 re-spins if you are really lucky. It’s a brightly coloured game that is an absolute delight to play, and more so if you win any money since the wilds give you ample opportunities!