BCLC Caught Offering Online Casino Games Like Starburst Slots with No Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) is a Canadian Crown corporation of the Province of British Columbia. Recently, BCLC has made the breaking news with its monopoly, which is under threat. The corporation did not make up to its own set of gaming protocols due to which, it is in the media.

According to the Canadian Press, BCLC has recently approved the online casino gambling for its website, PlayNow.com. However, it committed a mistake by not conducting the required assessment of the impact that the games can have on the problem gamblers. In addition to this, the report of freedom of information request made it clear that the adult branch of BCLC has completely critiqued the crown corporation. In the month of March, it criticised the corporation for permitting the online slot games like Starburst Slot with no prior corporate social responsibility assessment (CSRA).

From the Point of View of Auditors

The auditors have given the final warning to the corporation that if it does not adhere to CSRA and fail to complete its responsibility then it might have a negative perception on the public. The public will then have a negative impression of BCLC and the corporation will further have to see its initiatives conflicting with the objectives of CSR. In addition to this, the same failure can put BCLC in problem for violating the advertising standards that are set by the Enforcement Branch and BC Gaming Policy.

Furthermore, one of the active spokesperson of BCLC, Angela Koulyras has mentioned that they did receive an approval of the reviews submitted for the two PlayNow slot titles. She said that these titles lacked important information but still, they were approved. After these errors were highlighted, measures are being taken to rectify it, Angela added. In addition, she further admitted that the Facebook page of PlayNow did not display the messaging of responsible gaming. In fact, the service plan of BCLC 2015-2016 accepted they were not able to fulfill the criteria of player’s awareness. It admitted that the awareness of responsible gambling was much below the target.

Cash Hungry Government

It is true that the failure of BCLC in achieving its objectives and fulfilling the CSR responsibility only highlights the callous nature of the government. It shows that the government is only concerned about making money and profits. However, the responsibilities of the government must be completely fulfilled as the promoter and the regulator of the gambling products. Besides this, another fact is that PlayNow is only concerned with the task to forego regulations for the revenue, as it is the fastest growing gaming vertical of BCLC.

While talking about the recent updates, BCLC has declared its new partnership National Hockey League’s Vancouver Canucks. BCLC has mentioned that this partnership aims at offering an online version of 50/50 raffles, which is very popular and arena-based. The CEO of BCLC is so happy with the partnership that he has called it the unique partnership in the world. It shows how confident BCLC is and it is all set to achieve its new goal through this partnership.

The Bottom Line

Even after warnings and committing major mistakes, BCLC is moving ahead with a positive head. The new partnership displays its eagerness to do more in the gambling industry. However, it is true that the corporation is not going to make cash directly through the 50/50 raffle. The CEO believes that it will create the awareness and will help in captivating the attention of more and more players over the time. He expects the players to visit the site and buy a 50/50 ticket. Thus, the corporation is going to make profits while increasing its popularity.

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