Best Online Casinos And Their Best Game Offerings Like Starburst Slots

One of the most important factors, when looking for an online casino is considering the games that are being offered by that particular casino and whether or not it meets the needs of the player. It is not easy to really differentiate an online casino based on the variety of games that it offers. On one hand a casino can have fewer choices of game and on the other hand few online casinos can have fewer choices in a particular category. So why are the variety of games and choices so important for the players?

The categories found in most of the online casinos are restricted to the following options:

  • Poker
  • Table games
  • Video poker
  • Slots
  • Progressive games
  • Casual games

And the games that can be found within these categories are the real factor that separates a top online casino from an ordinary online casino.

Slots and Other Casino Games

Many top online casinos have a great variety of slot games, which is usually more than 100 in count. Not only this, top online casinos also ensure the fact that they introduce at least one or more slot game each month. Every player has his favourite slot, for example Starburst slot by NetEnt, which is one of the most popular slots available in most of the online casinos.

There are many five-reel slot games available for the players in different themes (for example, Starburst slot gives the player arcade feel). Even when the theme is the same, the storyline separates the slot game and makes it unique.

Video slots on the other hand, offer more chances of winning than the regular old three-reel slot. This is due to the extra features that can be found in video slots such as wild and scatter symbols, which take the players to a bonus round, creating more opportunities for them to win.

Table Games

There is a vast category of table games, including some of the classic table games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, craps and baccarat. Other less known games that can be found in the categories are games such as Golden Ghouls, Sic Bo, Red Dog etc.

Many top casinos offer huge variety of table games for players, including at least 40 categories of poker and blackjack. Roulette is quite popular among players too, hence that makes Roulette an important category too, that is found in most of the top online casinos.

Casual and Progressive Games


Various variations of Bingo can be found under this category. Not to forget, a casual game is called ‘casual’ because of a reason. The themes of these games can be really childish and mindless. This category is famous among some top players, as they use it as a platform to warm up before entering the main casino arena.


This is for players who like to play for everything that they have got. If you are a big risk taker, then this is probably the right category for you. Most of the top rated online casinos will have at least 20 categories of progressive games. Slot games fill up most of the numbers in the categories of progressive games, others being roulette, blackjack and a few casual games. Players can play Bingo, with a jackpot of a massive $50,000. Some games even offer a jackpot of seven figures.

To sum it up, most of the top casinos offer a great variety of games, while others offer a great variety of game categories. It is up to the player to decide his preference and select the best online casino suited for his needs and preferences.

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