Four US States to Open More Casinos and Include Starburst Slots

Perhaps, the 8th day of November is going to be a show turner in the United States. Presently, all Americans are thinking and wondering about the presidential elections, but here on this day, some other major decision will also be taken. The four individual states of the US namely Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Arkansas will be embracing the referendum. These states will seek support from the people in defining the real future of gambling there.

What Arkansas and New Jersey Feel

While talking about the vote of Arkansas, it has come up with the idea of opening of three new casinos in the state. Thus, the state is expecting to get a feedback about the same from the people of Arkansas. The locations where these three casinos will be opened if they enjoy the majority are Miller County, Washington County and Boone County. It is sure that the new casinos in these locations are going to captivate the attention of many in the minimum time only.
All those people who have consented to the idea have already delivered their signatures. After all the remaining and potential signatures, the same question will be presented in the ballot of 8th November. However, it is known that some irregularities and illegality has been there in gathering these signatures, according to the opposition. The final take is due on the Supreme Court of the nation, as it is going to decide whether the referendum will be considered or not.

On the other hand, New Jersey has all its plans to vote on the casinos that are outside Atlantic City. It was seen that in the year 1976, the resident of New Jersey showed a green flag to the referendum of opening casinos in Atlantic City. Nonetheless, the city has no more remained a land of profit for the casinos, as four out of 12 casinos in the area have been closed due to the loss in their business. The casinos in the area have been struggling a lot to attract the players.

On 8th November, a referendum will make it clear whether new casinos should be allowed to open outside Atlantic City or not. It is sure that the casinos of this city will enjoy the first right to place their bid if the referendum has attained the full approval. It is known that the two new casinos of worth 1 billion each will be opened.

The Stand of Rhode Island and Massachusetts

It is known that the people of Rhode Island will be asked whether they agree to the opening of a new casino in Tiverton or not. This situation has risen after the Newport Grand Casino has taken the decision to continue its operation out of Newport. The casino was bound to take such a hard decision after the local community in Newport stood against it. The community campaigned against the introduction of table games in the casino.

When it comes to Massachusetts, the present state law permits one slot parlor and three casinos in the state. It means that people are all allowed to play different slot games like Starburst slot at any point of time without any restriction. However, the state is interested to open more slot parlors after witnessing a great success and profit in the same. As a result, the 8th November will be seen having a referendum asking people whether they wish to have more slot parlors or not. If it in yes then the new parlor is expected to be open in Revere.

Therefore, all these four states are eagerly waiting for 8th November and are expecting a positive result of all their referendums.

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