GGC 2017 to Introduce Starburst Slots and Latest Online Gaming Products

At present, all eyes are on Georgia Gaming Congress (GGC) 2017. The big event is going to take place on the first day of March in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The conference is going to touch upon all the important development issues in the casino world.

According to the media reports so far, it is known that Lavrentiy Gubin, Marketing and Public Relations Director of international casino operator Storm International is going to be the moderator at the conference. He has years of experience in handling media relations and campaigns of Storm. Gubin is considered the best in managing PR activities and hence, is the ideal candidate for the moderator at the conference.

Presentation by Alex Sudadze at GGC 2017

The major highlight of the event will be the presentation by Alex Sudadze, the founder of Bitcoin Embassy Georgia. It is known that he is going to update all the participants on the progress of Bitcoin and its reach to all the geographical boundaries. In an interview, Sudadze clearly mentioned that the trend of crypto-currency is increasing, which in turn is encouraging the use of online wallets. Bitcoin has become one of the safest and the most popular money transferring tool among all including the SMEs and private individuals.

Benefits of Crypto-currency Outlined at GGC 2017

While talking about the benefits of Bitcoin, they are just endless. Susadze highlights that the major advantage is that it is entirely independent of inflation at flat rate of $900. It seamlessly transfers money from players to casinos and vice versa. Bitcoin is actually a blockchain system that links the balance accounts of customer and casino directly. In addition to this, the founder of Bitcoin is expected to update the attendees at GGC about the technical and legislative process at work. He is going to highlight the steps being taken to regulate the transfers through crypto-currency and enhance protection.

The fascinating part of the event is that Susadze is going to offer one million in crypto-currency to the most active ones in the event. Yes, he is going to conduct that one million quiz after his presentation and promises that attendees answering the quiz right will get one million in crypto-currency. He calls it’s the famous ‘POP Quiz’.

About Exhibitions and Ftoros at GGC 2017

It is known that the demo zone of the conference is going to be equally interesting. The leading and the biggest gambling software developers of Georgia are going to display their most advanced gaming products. They will exhibit their high quality games like Starburst slot and the potential opportunities it will bring for both the online casinos and their traditional counterparts.

In addition to this, Ftoros, the Georgian provider is going to release the latest versions of My Wife’s Friends, The Cradle of Georgian Wine, The Georgian Cocktail and a review of “The Argo”, a slot based on Greek mythology.

GGC 2017 Enjoys Media Sponsor

GGC will enjoy support of its new media partner, INBET. Both terminal and casino hall owners are gaining great from INBET produced products after setting their benchmark in the arena of software development for both online and land-based casinos. The entire conference will end up with a closing party, which will be set in an intimate old restaurant named “In the Shadow of Metekhi”. The national cuisine will be served and the participants will be entertained with the ethnic music of the nation.

The Bottom Line

It is sure that GGC is going to be a great hit this time. The attendees will also get an update on the most influential market of Russia and the fertile land of it that can prove to be highly profitable for online gaming business.

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