Groovy 60’s Video Slot Machine


Net Entertainment offers a variety of themed video slot machines for video slot machine lovers. The Groovy 60’s is another slot machine that transports its players to the 60s, a time of expression, free speech and a wild fashion statement. Some of the memorable things that happened in the 60’s include the Beatles invasion of the world, the era when race relations were challenged and events like the 2 million man march took place, Nixon became US president and President Kennedy was assassinated.

In the same decade, the ‘hippie’ came to be and the Summer of Love in 1967 was experienced. In the same breath, the number 1 music magazine, Rolling Stone, was first published in 1967. This was also the decade that the popular kids show, ‘Sesame Street’ premiered on television. The musical festival known as Woodstock took place in this decade and the first email was sent. From these examples, you can see that the 60’s was an era that changed the world of politics, civil rights, music and technology. A video slot machine game such as Groovy 60’s is a fitting tribute to this decade. This game gives you the option to play for fun or use real money in popular currencies to win some money. There is no need to download an app or software for this game.

How to play:

The Groovy 60’s video slot machine offers you 4 symbol rows, 5 reels and 40 paylines to place your maximum bet of 5 coins per line and win you some coins. The coin value on this game is between 0.01 and 0.50 and you can win a bet jackpot of 1000 coins. On the video slot machine is a number of control buttons. These include the Spin, Max Bet, Bet Level, Bet Line and Coin Value buttons. The Max Bet buttons will autospin a round with the highest bet lines and bet level but the coin value previously selected is what remains constant. The maximum bet option spins the highest bet level and the maximum number of bet lines but it will not affect the coin value setting. You can also change the sound and graphics settings in the video slot machine.

Funky Seventies Regular Symbols:

The Groovy 60s video slot machine game has thematic regular symbols that salute the 60’s. Aside from the pool balls labeled A, K, Q, J, there are other symbols. These include the 60’s VW bug, an old school television, a 60’s Home Video Camera, 60s Go-go boots and Lava Lamps symbols. These can combine or be substituted by the Wild and Scatter symbols to create winning paylines.

Stacked Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Groovy 60’s video slot machine has Stacked Wild Symbols that is a combination of 4 60’s Wild symbols on one reel which can cover 1 or all rows and help you create winning symbols. The stacked Wild symbol cannot substitute the scatter symbol or activate the free spins round. Stacked Wild symbols will appear as a whole and cover all 3 symbol rows or can appear partially. This feature enables you to gain more wins.

The Scatter Symbol is a groovy 60s Girl who can appear on any spot in reels 2 to 4 on the video slot machine reels. 3 or more of the scatter symbols will activate a free spin bonus round.

Free Spin Bonus Round

The Groovy 60’s continues to be honored in this video slot machine in the Free Spin Bonus round. When 3 or more Groovy 60’s girl appears anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4, you get to win 5 free spins. The free spins are on autoplay and you are unable to change bet settings at that time. All wins in the free spin rounds are doubled. Further, you can score 3 or more scatter symbols within the round to win more free spins which are then added to the existing free spins. The game returns to normal once these free spins are exhausted.

Skill Stop and Autoplay Features

It is possible to control the start and stop motion of the Spin button. When the button is first pressed it becomes disabled but after a few moments it is activated and you get to try out the Skill Stop feature. A quick eye and good luck can win you some money with this feature.

The autoplay feature allows you to command your machine to autospin a number of rounds that range between 10 and 1000 spins. These spins can be manually stopped in the autoplay options as well as the advanced settings there. You can stop them after a winning spin or if your money reaches a certain amount. It is also possible to stop the autoplay feature when you win a free spin round.


The Groovy 60’s video slot machine lets you play for fun or with real money. It is possible to win 1000 coins if you spin 5 60’s Wild symbols. The game credits are usually in a default currency of the Euro. You can change this to Dollars or Pounds but the coin amount will not change. The game is played directly from the Net Entertainment website and there is no need to download any software. Sit back and take a ride into the groovy 60s with this video slot machine from Net Entertainment where you can win big and also have a great time.

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