Hippodrome Casino to Host Online Bingo and Slots Summit

In a few days, the largest casino and admired amusement location in London, Hippodrome Casino, is to entertain the Online Bingo and Slots Summit. The Summit is expected to commence on June 21st to offer its participants with the chance of uncovering the recent modernizations in slots as well as bingo which will be merged with the WhichBingo Awards. This event is crucial since with increasing competition, the operators require to make certain that their product and advertising are competing enough to stand out among the lot.

Bingo Operators, Affiliates and Software Providers to Attend the Event

The event is anticipated to gather few of the biggest gaming and bingo operators, affiliates and software suppliers so that the opportunity is provided to distribute their knowledge, concepts, decent method and beliefs about the casino market and the fashions for its growth in the coming years. According to sources, approximate 72% of the occasion’s participants will be international gaming and bingo operators and 18% of the attendants will be software providers which leave affiliates to accumulate 10% of the Summit’s attendees.

Discussions Scheduled in the Event

Numerous themes and debates will be a part of the Online Bingo and Slots Summit’s program. The gathering commences at 8:30 am on June 21st, supervened by a formal greeting that is to be conferred by the Chairman of the occasion.

The first debate in the Summit’s program is named as “The Confessions of a Former Bingo MD”, presenting Leon Thomas, Chief Commercial Officer of Instant Win Gaming. Beginning at 9:30 am, the debate will offer analysis of the varying bingo market and the details regarding the chances and risks provided by the zone.

The” Data, Analysis and CRM” debate is to begin at 9:45 am, presenting numerous orators. At 10:25 am, it will be trailed by an entertaining conference named as “The Future of Affiliates”, which would grant the participating operators and affiliates with concepts and plans on how to comply with the addition of GDPR regulation.

Following a networking interval, three other conferences will be lined up. At 11:30 am, a debate of the slots and bingo directives will take place, supervened by a “Mergers and Acquisitions, Investment and Growth” debate at noon. The final debate that is to begin prior to the lunch break will be “The Latest Data in Search and Social Content”, which is to offer the participants with more data regarding the recent renews from Google that the operators need to be informed about to guarantee future development.

Subsequent to the lunch break, the “Life after the Bonus Bonanza” debate will start, presenting numerous lecturers such as Ben Starr, Tom Ustunel and Simon Dunne. The attendants in the debate will be presented with additional information on the new taxes on free bonuses and their impact on development, procurement and confinement. Later at 3:15 pm, the “Game Innovation in Slots and Bingo” debate will provide a more precise look at the recent changes and inventive solutions that have been lately occurring in the market, containing novel concepts, technology and games.

The Online Bingo and Slots Summit event is to provide one more subject after the afternoon networking interval. At 4:30 pm, a debate “Driving Retention and Loyalty in Bingo and Slots” is intended to offer attendees with additional details on the recent modernizations, plans and schemes that will assist in increasing loyalty, LTV and retention among the consumers.

The Chairman of the occasion is expected to deliver his summary at 5:15 pm, and subsequently, the Online Bingo and Slots Summit will be formally closed with networking drinks to be supplied in Lola’s Underground Bar.

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