NJ Online Casinos Gaining Fame with Slot Clubs and Casino Games Like Starburst Slots

The concept of slot clubs has become very popular in New Jersey. These clubs allow players to place a wager on their favorite casino game and convert a part of wager into cash. However, players are always confused about the conversion rates, as different casinos offer different rates for different games. However, it is true that the clubs offer a better deal to the VIP members. Discussed below are some of the renowned slot clubs and their exciting offerings.

Offers at Play SugarHouse – One of the Prominent NJ Online Casinos

The slot club at Play SugarHouse always runs high in demand. It is the most lucrative club that has in it everything to keep the players engaged. The club offers an opportunity to glean loyalty points that is much similar to any other online casino in New Jersey. After the players have reached the new loyalty tier, the club presents them with a spin on Prize Wheel.

The Prize Wheel and Cashback

The spinning wheel of Play SugarHouse guarantees a least of bonus prize, which gradually increases with the players moving on to the next tier. You may expect to receive 0.50 percent cashback on slots like Starburst slot while the club offers 0.10 percent cashback on video poker and blackjack. However, the least cashback is on table games and roulette with just 0.25 percent. You just need to understand the working of the Prize Wheel to land up with better returns. For instance, $60 is the minimum prize won by a tier 7 player but he/she is able to make up to $125 only. Thus, it comes out to be 1.04 percent cashback on slots, which is incredible.

Players must also know that these cashback percentages are higher when compared to any other casino in Atlantic City. But yes, they are at par with the Las Vegas local casinos. This means that Sugarhouse is offering the best possible deal to its players. To add on, the site has now come up with a new program under which it has planned to offers scratchers. The players will get a scratcher after they have reached to tier 1 and the value of the site’s slot club will increase with the bonuses won through scratchers. VIP rewards and VIP Mystery Calendar are just other highlights of this casino.

The Loyalty Club at Betfair Casino – One of the Most Visited NJ Online Casinos

The loyalty club at this casino offers many incentives to the players. When it comes to the cashback, you can expect to get 0.06 percent on roulette and table games, 0.02 percent on blackjack and 0.10 percent cashback on slots at the VIP Iron level. The club offers five loyalty tiers in total and the cashbak rates of these tiers keep on going higher with the players escalating to the new tier. In fact, you will receive 0.125 percent cashback on slots after you have reached to VIP Bronze tier. The top tier is VIP Platinum which increases the figure to 0.5 percent and players can withdraw their cash at this hour.

About Party Casino – One of the Fascinating NJ Online Casinos

The fascinating part about this slot club is that it offers players a chance to turn their accrued loyalty points into bonuses or cash. However, it sets a particular tier to be reached by the players in order to make the trade. You will have to reach Silver status for all the casino bonus conversions while the Gold status will allow you to make cash conversions. To enjoy the best cashback rates, you are required to reach the Palladium tier.

Now that you have acquired details of the famous slot clubs in Atlantic City, you need to sign up for them and enjoy casino gaming.

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