Oranges and Lemons Slot

oranges lemonsThere have been times when players are left disappointed because they were promised a high payout at a particular slot, but it doesn’t deliver.

However, Oranges and Lemons developed by the gaming giant, Microgaming begs to differ! It is one of the few single line slots, which has a two coin limit and promises to pay a fixed jackpot that is quite high considering the industry average.

If you are looking forward to a different slot experience, Oranges and Lemons will not let you down!

The Return to Player at Oranges and Lemons Slot

Microgaming always ensures that you have a great experience while playing their slots. The quality of the games and the return is always higher than its peers.

Hence, a certified payout percentage that is close to 96% promises you a lot of winning combinations with a bit of luck on your side!

The Stake Levels at Oranges and Lemons Slot

There are two options, and you need to play your cards well in both of these.

First, you need to decide whether you’d like to play with one or two coins per spin. The second and probably one of the most important things that you need to decide is the coin value. Varying from 0.25 to 5, it gives you a better shot at the jackpot if you play with two coins per spin.

The Amazing Jackpot of Oranges and Lemons Slot

The jackpot totally depends on the number of coins you wager. There are two jackpots. If you wager one coin, you can win the 2,000 coin jackpot.

But if you wager two coins per pay line, it gives you a shot at winning the mega jackpot worth 5,000 coins. You need to know that the jackpot can only be won when two oranges are in perfect position on the pay line.

The Fascinating Symbols of Oranges and Lemons Slot

All the symbols follow the theme of the game. There are very few symbols, which ensure that you have more chances to form the winning combinations.

Some of the symbols of this slot include Lemons, Oranges, Double Bar, Bell and Single bar. Orange is the wild multiplier for this slot.

The Drawbacks of Oranges and Lemons Slot

This is a fairly simple slot with only a few and basic features.

That being said, there are few disappointing aspects. The lack of scatter symbol or bonus game is definitely the biggest drawback of this slot.

The lack of progressive jackpot also forces many players to shy away. Again the absence of free spins further limit your earning opportunities.

The Final Verdict

Having considered the above aspects, Lemons and the Oranges slot still differentiates itself from its competitors by its sheer simplicity and the ability to engage players.

This slot provides more number of winning combinations than any other slot of its type. This proves to be its biggest advantage. You can walk out with handsome rewards if you play sensibly. Oranges and Lemons slot is definitely worth a try!

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