In a move that has taken the gambling industry by surprise, two leading payment processing companies will no longer accept payments made via prepaid MasterCards as of the 25th of November. Skrill and Neteller have announced that customers in more than 100 countries located all over the world will have to find some other payment method to transfer funds to their accounts. Both companies which are owned by the PaySafe Group will now only deal with prepaid MasterCards in SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) countries. Many online casinos have also updated their home pages to inform customers of the change.

This is sure to cause a lot of inconvenience to gamblers, at least in the short term, since the PlaySafe money transfer options are very popular being both quick and cost effective. For instance, Entropay does not give customers quick access to their funds and they might have to wait a while after transferring before they can start playing. The same can be said for bank wire transfers.

It is hard to understand why PaySafe has decided to take such a radical step. While the company hasn’t offered any explanation, many people are speculating that this has been done to curtail llegal gambling activities. Given that the gambling industry is expanding at a very fast pace it is only to be expected that some sites handle illegal transactions.

Customers of Skrill and Neteller were made aware of this development via an email from the respective company. The email also assured them that their account remained unchanged. In other words, their balance in the account would not be touched and they would be able to use it for the same purposes as before. Customers would be able to withdraw funds from their accounts and even transfer them to other accounts that accepted Skrill or Neteller.

The use of Skrill and Neteller MasterCards to transfer money from ewallets will now be restricted to 28 countries that are part of the European Union and 6 other nations that have entered into certain monetary agreements with the Union. At the same time, players living in China and Russia will be permitted to use their cards till they expire. Once the cards expire they will not be permitted to order new ones.

PaySafe Group Decision To Have Major Impact

The decision of the PaySafe Group to restrict the use of Skrill and Neteller MasterCards will affect gamblers in Russia, Brazil, and Australia. Online gambling is very popular in these countries and the restrictions will make it inconvenient for gamblers. They will be required to withdraw money for gambling from their bank accounts and this will open them up to scrutiny from the taxman. One of the biggest advantages offered by online gambling is that it affords a high degree of anonymity. If this were to be taken away then the industry might lose a lot of its shine.
Bitcoin To Take Advantage Of Restrictions

Online gamblers who are eager to retain their anonymity are expected to move to smarter alternatives. They are a few cryptocurrency options available these days but Bitcoin is by far the most convenient one. It has been increasing in popularity over the past few years and many casinos have started to accept it in keeping with changing customer requirements. It is also a reliable currency even though it is not backed by any country’s central bank. Furthermore, Bitcoin is a very popular currency that is increasing in value at a steady rate. It will definitely be interesting to see whether this crypto currency can take advantage of this situation and become much more popular.

Internet based gambling accounts of 1/3rd of all betting activities in the United Kingdom, based upon an industry update released by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). In it, it was revealed that the gross gambling yield (GGY) of gaming operators for the period from April 2015 to March 2016 was £4.5 billion (€5.3 billion/$5.6 billion). In comparison, the National Lottery could generate just £3.4 billion during the same period whereas retail bookmakers (high street betting) brought in £3.3 billion. The GGY from traditional casinos was a mere £1 billion during this period.

The UKGC also provided a breakup of the online gambling industry’s GGY. £2.6 billion alone was generated from online casino games, of which online slot machine-style games contributed a lion’s share of £1.8 billion. Online sports betting in the UK was £1.6 billion. Of this £152 million came from betting exchanges and the remaining amount of £23 million was contributed by pool betting.

Land Based Gaming and Betting Shops Closing?

The report from UKGC also pointed out that there was a decline in the number of betting shops in the United Kingdom over the previous year. In fact, the number of high street betting shops had dropped 1.8% to the current 8,709. The number of gaming machines in the country dropped by a marginal 0.4% to 167,839. The count of B2 gaming machines (fixed odds betting terminals) also saw a slight 0.9% drop to 34,884. Equally worryingly, there was a 4.3% reduction in the number of bingo premises in the country, down to 575 year-on-year as of September 2016. The land based gambling industry in the country seems to be under pressure with a 1.5% reduction in the number of people it employs. Incidentally, half of all employees in the land based gambling industry are occupied in the betting sector.

Online Gambling Focuses On Customer Engagement

There are many reasons for the rapid growth of the online gambling industry. The most obvious ones are that internet based gambling is convenient and cost effective. However, the industry also puts in a lot of effort into using the latest technology to increase the level of customer engagement it offers. At the same time, the industry is taking steps to make gambling far more secure than before since this has been a major concern for customers. The industry is growing at a fast pace, and innovative methods are used to improve the product offering. Customers are clearly responding positively to these steps and are viewing the online gambling as not just a viable but also a better alternative to land based gambling. There is also a greater emphasis on developing responsible gaming habits.

UKGC programme director James Green pointed out that online gaming operators will have to work innovatively in order to stay ahead of their competitors if they aren’t already doing so.

The Overall Growth of the UK Gambling Industry

The gambling industry in the United Kingdom brought in a GGY of £13.6 billion from the month of April 2015 to March 2016. This represented a substantial increase of 20.8% when compared to the previous year. The country’s immensely popular National Lottery contributed a whopping £1.8 billion to charitable causes. This was an increase of 7.2% versus the previous year’s contribution. Large society lotteries also increased their contribution to charitable causes by 10.5%, touching £208 million.

It is clear to see that the gambling industry in the UK, both land based and online, is growing. The laws put in place to regulate the industry have enabled it to develop steadily since they have taken the needs of all parties (operators, gamblers, and the government) into consideration.

All kinds of poker and slot games found on online gambling websites need financial transaction support, when playing with real money. In order to stop people from using unauthorized web locations, Governments have blocked financial transactions on gambling websites in various authorities. Despite of this current method proving significant to stop a majority of players, people have still found alternative ways of depositing and withdrawing money in regard to online gambling.

According to recent news, major financial service enterprise won’t be a part of serving the customers in across 100 countries. The news has made the players look for the alternatives. NETELLER and Skrill’s parent group announced that they will no longer provide prepaid MasterCard services to customers for online gambling transactions.

European nations in the EU and other European areas such as Norway, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy will not be affected along with the United Kingdom and America. The 100 affected nations include Australia, Columbia, New Zealand, Brazil and others.

An email was sent to the customers from the owners of Skrill and NETELLER, Paysafe group, which read “We regret to inform you, that of November 25, 2016, the services of Skrill MasterCard will no longer be available in your particular country, the card transactions would be blocked, however the previous balance in your Skrill account will remain unaffected and the account will remain functional. The funds available in your account can be withdrawn via your bank account or deposit money to another Skrill account or any online business which accept Skrill.

The news has affected various loyal customers of Neteller and Skrill, who preferred these services for online gambling transactions. Other options such as bank wire transfer and Entropay, still remain functional, however, the players cannot access their money as quickly as they were being able to with NETLLER and Skrill.

Neteller Facts

NETELLER is one of the most renowned e-money service, which is owned by Paysafe group.

When it comes to online gambling, NETELLER started offering its services to players in 2000 and soon around 80% of the online gambling casino’s payment methods were handled by NETELLER. Most of the revenue generated by the company were through online gambling firms to U.S. residents. Accounts of most of the American citizens were frozen when the company exited the U.S. but they were being able to reclaim it in 2007. The customer gets an option of selecting a currency out of the 26 available options. There are various ways to put money in the NETELLER account for the customer, including debit/credit card and bank transfer. Due to various legal issues over online gambling, NETELLER services were not available to players from various countries such as Canada, Hong Kong, Laos, Israel, Macau, Turkey, Singapore and others.

Skrill Facts

Skrill which was initially known as Moneybookers, allows money transactions on the internet in the form of an e-commerce organization, with the major plus point being its low cost international transfer of money. Skrill limited was the initial owner of the company, which was taken over by Paysafe group in 2015. By early 2011, the customer base of the company was so strong that they had a customer base of around 25 million and even the big online giants such as Facebook, eBay and Skype were among its users.

2014 proved to be a crucial year for Skrill as NJDGE which stands for New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, approved Skrill as an e wallet for online gambling payments across New Jersey. One plus points for the customers is the availability of different currencies for online transactions, but once the customer made its first transaction, the currency could not be changed.

One of the most important factors, when looking for an online casino is considering the games that are being offered by that particular casino and whether or not it meets the needs of the player. It is not easy to really differentiate an online casino based on the variety of games that it offers. On one hand a casino can have fewer choices of game and on the other hand few online casinos can have fewer choices in a particular category. So why are the variety of games and choices so important for the players?

The categories found in most of the online casinos are restricted to the following options:

  • Poker
  • Table games
  • Video poker
  • Slots
  • Progressive games
  • Casual games

And the games that can be found within these categories are the real factor that separates a top online casino from an ordinary online casino.

Slots and Other Casino Games

Many top online casinos have a great variety of slot games, which is usually more than 100 in count. Not only this, top online casinos also ensure the fact that they introduce at least one or more slot game each month. Every player has his favourite slot, for example Starburst slot by NetEnt, which is one of the most popular slots available in most of the online casinos.

There are many five-reel slot games available for the players in different themes (for example, Starburst slot gives the player arcade feel). Even when the theme is the same, the storyline separates the slot game and makes it unique.

Video slots on the other hand, offer more chances of winning than the regular old three-reel slot. This is due to the extra features that can be found in video slots such as wild and scatter symbols, which take the players to a bonus round, creating more opportunities for them to win.

Table Games

There is a vast category of table games, including some of the classic table games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, craps and baccarat. Other less known games that can be found in the categories are games such as Golden Ghouls, Sic Bo, Red Dog etc.

Many top casinos offer huge variety of table games for players, including at least 40 categories of poker and blackjack. Roulette is quite popular among players too, hence that makes Roulette an important category too, that is found in most of the top online casinos.

Casual and Progressive Games


Various variations of Bingo can be found under this category. Not to forget, a casual game is called ‘casual’ because of a reason. The themes of these games can be really childish and mindless. This category is famous among some top players, as they use it as a platform to warm up before entering the main casino arena.


This is for players who like to play for everything that they have got. If you are a big risk taker, then this is probably the right category for you. Most of the top rated online casinos will have at least 20 categories of progressive games. Slot games fill up most of the numbers in the categories of progressive games, others being roulette, blackjack and a few casual games. Players can play Bingo, with a jackpot of a massive $50,000. Some games even offer a jackpot of seven figures.

To sum it up, most of the top casinos offer a great variety of games, while others offer a great variety of game categories. It is up to the player to decide his preference and select the best online casino suited for his needs and preferences.

For over two years now, PokerStars has solely been dependent on promoting its online casino to its prevailing customers.

But finally, PokerStars has now started to get its marketing game rolling. Casino TV ads are soon going to be out, stated in a latest press release. The new casino ads will soon be seen throughout major UK digital stations along with display advertising.

The Director of PokerStars, Sam Hobcraft, shared his views on the latest news in a press release by saying ‘Last two years have been really impressive for PokerStars and we have already made it into the top market by being one of the leading online casinos’.

‘PokerStars has been one of the favourite platforms for online players who love poker and now we feel that the time is right to make this platform available for a broader audience and share more experiences with them, our entire team is also very proud of our TV advert and we look forward to the big launch in UK’.

The new TV adverts will be shown to the audience for the very first time, as these advertisements will entirely focus on the ‘excellent digital graphics’ of the roulette, slot and blackjack games available at PokerStars Casinos.

Meanwhile, Pokerstars has also launched a new application for mobiles called ‘Casino Rush’, which offers free casino, slots and poker games. The game is now available for both iOS and Android users, with options of playing it both online and offline. Upon signing up to the app, a new player will be given 75000 chips that will be free to play and can win more chips by unlocking other features of the game.

Players can select to make their own private leader board if they wish to play poker with their friends, or compete against the best poker players online by challenging them in the leaderboard on Casino Rush.

Players can also enjoy some of all time favourite slot games such as Starburst slot by NetEnt by downloading the Casino Rush app. The arcade feel of Starburst slot still keeps the players enchanted and thrilled through its gameplay.

The Growth of PokerStars

Despite of having any marketing campaign, PokerStars and sports book have made it to the top. PokerStars and sports book have grown from 15% in 2015 to 24% in 2016.

PokerStars now aims to build new customer relationships and extend their 105 million customer base, by reaching out to more people in the market.

Casino Rush can be Center of Focus for Future Ads

One of the easiest way for Pokerstars to stay loyal to its heritage and market its casino is through Casino Rush. Although it is currently a free to play app for the players, rumours are that it could soon start allowing the players to play with real money, if it successfully builds a good customer base’.

Is New Jersey a New Target for Advertisements?

One of the favourite targets is New Jersey, where PokerStars casino was launched 2 years after its rivals. This along with its competition with some of the best established online casino brands has significantly halted PokerStars growth in the market.

But advertising in New Jersey comes with its drawbacks…

Advertising buys are essential in expensive cities such as Philadelphia and New York TV markets, in order to grow across the borders of New Jersey, covering the highly populated cities.

Most of the online casinos in NJ were initially found to be advertising in the local TV markets of the city, but once the cost went up, the advertising was halted by the companies. Even if PokerStars decides to get in the advertising market of NJ, it will cost them a huge deal and a handsome amount of money.

Yggdrasil Gaming has brought a big smile on its player’s face by introducing the very majestic, Empire Fortune slot. It is a game with five reels and 10 pay lines with the opportunity to hit the progressive jackpot. The game has a form of 3-D wheel of fortune, which looks ultimate and improves the overall appeal of the slot.

The unique feature of this slot is its fireworks at the time you are playing the bonus game. You will enjoy seeing those rockets launch that will land on the wheel randomly. Further, you will be getting the prizes according to the location of the landed rocket. No doubt, Yggdrasil has included everything in its new game that can instantly captivate the attention of players around the world.

The Theme of Empire Fortune Slot

The theme of this slot is highly captivating, as the spinning reels of it are embellished with beautiful jewels and very expensive gemstones. The entire game is set with the theme of a room filled with gold. The background of the game includes a vast empty hall with full of gold coins lying randomly and the hall is supported by huge pillars. To add on, the sound effects and the graphics of the slot are such that they are sure to make you go gaga over them. You will be glad to experience the majesty and the presence of royalty in this particular slot.

The Free Spins Feature

While talking about the free spins feature of Empire Fortune slot, you will be able to play it after you have acquired 3 or more than three free spins symbols anywhere on the spinning reels. So, if you have landed with 3 symbols then you will get 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier, 4 symbols will offer you 20 free spins with 4x multiplier and likewise. This means that you are going to enjoy more free spins by landing more and more free spins symbols on the reels. Further, you can also hold your free spin if you have got 2 free spins symbols on the base game spin just by paying three times your stake. This feature is known as the Hold Feature, as it offers you one more chance to enjoy the game.

The Wheel of Fortune

To add on, the feature of wheel of fortune increases the chance of your winning. You can trigger this feature by landing 3 or more bonus scatter symbols anywhere on the screen. The wheel of Fortune has three levels and each level has something in it to offer the players. Free spins, more spins of the wheel and finally the mystery win are what comprises these three levels.

The mystery win has the fireworks feature where rockets are fires on the wheel. Further, you can also hit the progressive jackpot, which is available in three types including the Ultra jackpot, which is attained by hitting the joker; Diamond Jackpot, attained by hitting the diamond symbol and the last is the Golden jackpot, which you can hit by the gold bar on the middle.

The Final Verdict

Without a doubt, Empire Fortune slot has also made the players go crazy like various other slots like Starburst slot. In a very short span, it has become the most favorite game of millions. You can play this game on various online casino sites by just signing up at them. Make sure that you read the rules, terms and instructions of the game before you actually start playing it.

Thus, start playing Empire Fortune slot to experience the royalty and to earn millions through the progressive jackpot.

Genting casino was incepted in the year 2010 and has become a heartthrob among millions since then. The casino has started its new venture in online gaming world and has done wonders by now. The site of this casino runs on Playtech software and offers very alluring welcome deals & packages to the players. In order to ensure complete security of the players, the casino holds the official certificate of Random Number Generator (RNG). For the safety of all transactions made by the players, it offers different payment methods including debit card, credit card, e-wallet and other bank transfers.

The Selection of Games and Software

Genting Casino has a nice variety of more than 70 casino games. These games are offered to the players for both the download purpose and to play it on the site itself through Flash based option. The entire set of games has been developed by a very reputed and authentic software company, Playtech. While talking about the variety of games, it has some of the best table games that include Craps, Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack. If you are a fan of classic games then these table games is sure to entertain you a lot.

In addition to this, you can try your hands at various slot games such as Starburst Slot, Dragon’s Temple slot and others, which provide you an opportunity to hit the giant jackpot. The Dragon’s slot is a basically a 5 reel game with up to 50 pay lines. The game has in it a colorful temple, icky money envelopes, blue vase and a green koi as its theme related symbols. It has a different color of wild dragon in each line, which looks very attractive but they all perform the same functions. The players can get the free spins here by landing any three of Yin Yang scatter symbol on the reels. Overall, the game is going to make you an addict of it.

Genting casino also offers video slots and video poker including 2 Ways Royal and Jacks or Better that are perfect to win huge cash. The main attraction of this casino is its progressive slots and progressive Blackjack, which continues to increase the jackpot value and make players take millions to their home.

Promotions and Bonuses

The casino offers a variety of bonuses and promotional offers to attract the players. To start with, it offers a welcome package of £1,000, which is time limited for the new players signing up. Further, this welcome package is categorized into nine match bonuses, which simply means that you will not only get a welcome bonus but the casino is going to award you for the next 8 deposits that you will make.

Thus, the first bonus is worth £150 and rest seven is worth up to £100. If you are a regular player to this site then you can take full advantage of weekly bonuses that precisely include Roulette Rebate, weekly High Five Friday and a rewarding comp points program. So, you better become a permanent member of this casino to avail the unending benefits of it.

Customer Support

The site aims at resolving the queries and doubts of the players in the minimum possible time. It has a team of experts that is available 24/7 for the players and interacts with them through live chat and emails. Yes, the staff is very friendly and can be approached at any point of time.

Therefore, you can sign up at Genting casino without keeping any further doubts or second thoughts. It is sure that you will not regret once you have tried playing at it.

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) is a Canadian Crown corporation of the Province of British Columbia. Recently, BCLC has made the breaking news with its monopoly, which is under threat. The corporation did not make up to its own set of gaming protocols due to which, it is in the media.

According to the Canadian Press, BCLC has recently approved the online casino gambling for its website, However, it committed a mistake by not conducting the required assessment of the impact that the games can have on the problem gamblers. In addition to this, the report of freedom of information request made it clear that the adult branch of BCLC has completely critiqued the crown corporation. In the month of March, it criticised the corporation for permitting the online slot games like Starburst Slot with no prior corporate social responsibility assessment (CSRA).

From the Point of View of Auditors

The auditors have given the final warning to the corporation that if it does not adhere to CSRA and fail to complete its responsibility then it might have a negative perception on the public. The public will then have a negative impression of BCLC and the corporation will further have to see its initiatives conflicting with the objectives of CSR. In addition to this, the same failure can put BCLC in problem for violating the advertising standards that are set by the Enforcement Branch and BC Gaming Policy.

Furthermore, one of the active spokesperson of BCLC, Angela Koulyras has mentioned that they did receive an approval of the reviews submitted for the two PlayNow slot titles. She said that these titles lacked important information but still, they were approved. After these errors were highlighted, measures are being taken to rectify it, Angela added. In addition, she further admitted that the Facebook page of PlayNow did not display the messaging of responsible gaming. In fact, the service plan of BCLC 2015-2016 accepted they were not able to fulfill the criteria of player’s awareness. It admitted that the awareness of responsible gambling was much below the target.

Cash Hungry Government

It is true that the failure of BCLC in achieving its objectives and fulfilling the CSR responsibility only highlights the callous nature of the government. It shows that the government is only concerned about making money and profits. However, the responsibilities of the government must be completely fulfilled as the promoter and the regulator of the gambling products. Besides this, another fact is that PlayNow is only concerned with the task to forego regulations for the revenue, as it is the fastest growing gaming vertical of BCLC.

While talking about the recent updates, BCLC has declared its new partnership National Hockey League’s Vancouver Canucks. BCLC has mentioned that this partnership aims at offering an online version of 50/50 raffles, which is very popular and arena-based. The CEO of BCLC is so happy with the partnership that he has called it the unique partnership in the world. It shows how confident BCLC is and it is all set to achieve its new goal through this partnership.

The Bottom Line

Even after warnings and committing major mistakes, BCLC is moving ahead with a positive head. The new partnership displays its eagerness to do more in the gambling industry. However, it is true that the corporation is not going to make cash directly through the 50/50 raffle. The CEO believes that it will create the awareness and will help in captivating the attention of more and more players over the time. He expects the players to visit the site and buy a 50/50 ticket. Thus, the corporation is going to make profits while increasing its popularity.

Crazy Vegas casino is the leading online casino in Australia. Since years, the casino has been providing the finest online gambling experience to Aussies and all the other players from across the globe. The casino claims to have thousands of trusted customers, as it offers the largest variation of casino games to suit the budget, gaming style and skills of the players.

A Variety of Games

While talking about the array of the games at the casino, it is just endless. It offers more than 650 Microgaming casino games. The most famous slot games include Starburst Slot, Jurassic Park Slot, Immortal Romance Slot, Game of Thrones Slot, The Dark Knight, Thunderstruck II slot and Mega Moolah just to name a few. Besides these, the Crazy Vegas Casino is one such casino that offers a variety of video pokers and table games too.

So, if you are fan of table games then you can enjoy playing the various variants of Blackjack such as Atlantic City Blackjack Gold, Classic Blackjack Gold and Double Exposure Blackjack Gold. On the other hand, Multi Player Roulette, European Roulette Gold and French Roulette are the different variation of Roulette offered by the casino. Further, you can also try your hands at Sic Bo, Vegas Craps and Baccarat Gold. All those who prefer playing only video poker games can play 3 Card Poker Gold, Caribbean Draw Poker Gold and Hold’Em High Gold.

The Launch of Two New Slots

As mentioned earlier, the variety of slots offered by Crazy Vegas casino is already wide-ranging. However, it has still come up with two newest slots to offer something more interesting to its players.

To start with, the first new slot is Lost Vegas, which is just perfect for this Halloween. It is zombie themed slot and features an undead Elvis that roams around the Vegas streets. The major attractions of the slot are the Blackout bonus that includes high value symbols paying great ransom prizes and another is Zombie Fist of Cash, the feature that can burst on to the spinning reels at any time. This creepy slot offers you an opportunity to play the free spins round in which the spinning reels are affected by the stacked wild symbols. The reel remains in place until you have reached 50 free spins or all the five reels have become wild. The game further has a survivor mode in which the entire set of lower value symbols is removed.

The second new launch is of Shanghai Beauty slot. As the name suggests, it is a very relaxing Chinese themed slot. The game has 9 pay lines, which is very unique in itself. The other bonus features include free spins game, which triples the value of the wins and a wild symbol that keeps on doubling the value of lines that it completes. The moment winning combinations are made; the beauties of the game become animated and form the major attraction of the game. The entire slot is very calming and soothing to the nerves. The screen looks beautifully decorated with soft cherry blossoms while the smooth soundtrack makes it more relaxing.

Customer Support Service

The best part about Crazy Vegas Casino is that it offers customer support round the clock. Thus, you can contact the team of the casino through live chat, email and phone whenever you have any doubts. The site also features a set of FAQs that are sure to solve all your major problems.

Thus, it is the time for you to sign up at Crazy Vegas Casino and enjoy earning huge cash by playing different exciting games.

The good news is here for all casino lovers. The very popular, has introduced the thrilling online slot tournaments for the punters. The casino believes that these tournaments will captivate the attention of more and more players across the globe. The tournaments will be available for different slots like Starburst Slot and other games including video poker and Blackjack.

The casino mentions that the tournaments keep the thrill intact and are much preferred by the slot players. The best part is that not all casinos today offer these tournaments, which gives Casino Bonuses Now an opportunity to gain more players. In addition to this, the casino has segmented tournaments in order to include tournaments for both video poker and Blackjack games. Players might not find a wide variety of video poker and table games tournaments at this site. However, they can always expect few weekly events.

About Casino Bonuses Now

Casino Bonuses Now was earlier known as Casino Bonuses Today. In the present year 2016, the site has been rebuilt from the scratch. The newer version of the casino site has better designs, graphics and an amazing backend. The whole idea of renovation was to improve the availability of last minute casino offers, which has always remained the highlight of it. It is true that the new site has enhanced the mobile user experience and players are now able to navigate and access the website in a much better way than before. To add on, the casino has also come up with the Leading Casino Awards, which is meant to be awarded to the finest casinos around. Yes, only the best casinos get awarded with it.

Casino’s Slots Tournaments

Like a poker tournament, the slot tournaments have also a similar interface. After you have signed up at the website, you can browse through the list of different tournaments with their buy-in prizes displayed with them. You will also have the option of prize pools and will be able to have a look at the leaderboard through specific casino software such as Microgaming. The leaderboard will keep you motivated and will show your current position in the game against the other competitors.

The best part about this casino is that they actually sort the tournaments by order. It simply means that they will clearly list the tournaments that have ended all together and the ones that are open to be played. In addition to this, all those slot games that are available for the tournament are listed separately on the casino’s site to offer an easy access to the players.

As far as the prize of winning these tournaments is concerned, it varies. You can plan to play for the set prize pool or take home better cash by playing the tournaments in which the jackpot keeps growing. If at all, you are planning to play tournaments in vacation or during summer time then you can always expect to enjoy the largest ever tournaments.

The Bottom Line

Casino Bonuses Now has been developed with the aim not only emphasizing on the casino bonuses. In fact, it aims at retaining the bonuses for the players unlike other casinos that focus only on introducing new player bonuses and not on retention. This site offers only relevant bonuses and promotions to the players and they all are focused only on the recommended casinos. In fact, the site clearly states its message of, ‘players first, business second’. It does not make money through advertisements from low quality casinos. It simply means that the Casino Bonuses Now has maintained its reputation and standards with its complete focus on catering the gaming needs of the players.