Playtech Inks Deal for DC Themed Slots as Starburst Slots Continues to Thrill

Playtech has great news for online gamblers who love comic-themed games. The company, a leader in the gaming software development field, has entered into a deal to bring DC blockbuster films to online casinos. There’s always been an overlap between fans of gaming and of comic books, but this has become even more significant these days since the industry is trying to appeal to a younger generation of fans who have grown up playing video games and enjoying comics and superhero-based movies.

Playtech to Start releasing DC-inspired Slot Games

Players will have a lot to look forward to from Playtech once it starts releasing its DC blockbuster inspired slot games. There’s a good chance that these games will have graphics very much like those in the iconic comic books.
Gamers have noticed of late that Marvel Comics has been trying to tone down its association with the gambling industry. This has actually been happening after the company’s purchase by Disney. As a matter of fact, this is most probably because it is under pressure from Disney which does not wish to be connected with gambling or gaming.

The entertainment industry behemoth has always aimed for a family-friendly image. Disney movies from the 1930s and 40s have shown gambling in a negative light and the company hasn’t deviated much from its values till his day.
Marvel Comics no doubt has a problem with its parent company and this has been bad news for online gamers who enjoyed trying out superhero-themed slots. However, DC doesn’t have any such problem and it can easily occupy this niche in the gaming industry. Playtech’s decision to tie up with this company will definitely work well for both the companies.

Playtech to Revive DC Characters in Slot Games

There are a few slot games that already feature DC characters. The hugely popular Batman-themed slot series known as The Dark Knight was featured on a great many gambling sites until it was pulled off in June 2016 because it ran into licensing issues. This series from Microgaming was one of the biggest blockbusters of all time and its departure from casinos was noted by many fans.

There’s a good chance that the next Batman-inspired slot game will be from Playtech as a result of its new tie-up with DC. Given that there is a huge demand for this game, there is every chance that Playtech will be able to steal a march over its rival. Microgaming has been an overwhelming presence in the online gambling industry for many years now but it has seen its market share getting eroded of late as smaller and more aggressive players are coming up with exciting games to attract the attention of gamblers.

The online gambling industry is a fiercely competitive one with game developers and casino operators alike striving to find a way to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Playtech has definitely managed to find a way to outsmart it competitors by entering into the DC deal. Since Playtech is already a well-established name in the industry with a wide network of gambling sites that feature its games, it is very safe to say that the new superhero-themed slot games will be really easy to find.

Old Favourites Like Starburst Slots Continue to be Popular In Spite of Playtech Casino Games

While many online gamblers are always eager to try out new games, especially those with exciting themes, there continues to be plenty of takers for old favourites. Net Entertainment’s Starburst Slots is a really good example of a game that has never really gone out of style. The game always has lots of players and its jackpots never fail to amaze. The online gambling industry clearly always has something exciting to offer customers.

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