PokeStars All Set To Get Its Marketing Game Rolling By Promoting Online Casino Games Like Starburst Slots

For over two years now, PokerStars has solely been dependent on promoting its online casino to its prevailing customers.

But finally, PokerStars has now started to get its marketing game rolling. Casino TV ads are soon going to be out, stated in a latest press release. The new casino ads will soon be seen throughout major UK digital stations along with display advertising.

The Director of PokerStars, Sam Hobcraft, shared his views on the latest news in a press release by saying ‘Last two years have been really impressive for PokerStars and we have already made it into the top market by being one of the leading online casinos’.

‘PokerStars has been one of the favourite platforms for online players who love poker and now we feel that the time is right to make this platform available for a broader audience and share more experiences with them, our entire team is also very proud of our TV advert and we look forward to the big launch in UK’.

The new TV adverts will be shown to the audience for the very first time, as these advertisements will entirely focus on the ‘excellent digital graphics’ of the roulette, slot and blackjack games available at PokerStars Casinos.

Meanwhile, Pokerstars has also launched a new application for mobiles called ‘Casino Rush’, which offers free casino, slots and poker games. The game is now available for both iOS and Android users, with options of playing it both online and offline. Upon signing up to the app, a new player will be given 75000 chips that will be free to play and can win more chips by unlocking other features of the game.

Players can select to make their own private leader board if they wish to play poker with their friends, or compete against the best poker players online by challenging them in the leaderboard on Casino Rush.

Players can also enjoy some of all time favourite slot games such as Starburst slot by NetEnt by downloading the Casino Rush app. The arcade feel of Starburst slot still keeps the players enchanted and thrilled through its gameplay.

The Growth of PokerStars

Despite of having any marketing campaign, PokerStars and sports book have made it to the top. PokerStars and sports book have grown from 15% in 2015 to 24% in 2016.

PokerStars now aims to build new customer relationships and extend their 105 million customer base, by reaching out to more people in the market.

Casino Rush can be Center of Focus for Future Ads

One of the easiest way for Pokerstars to stay loyal to its heritage and market its casino is through Casino Rush. Although it is currently a free to play app for the players, rumours are that it could soon start allowing the players to play with real money, if it successfully builds a good customer base’.

Is New Jersey a New Target for Advertisements?

One of the favourite targets is New Jersey, where PokerStars casino was launched 2 years after its rivals. This along with its competition with some of the best established online casino brands has significantly halted PokerStars growth in the market.

But advertising in New Jersey comes with its drawbacks…

Advertising buys are essential in expensive cities such as Philadelphia and New York TV markets, in order to grow across the borders of New Jersey, covering the highly populated cities.

Most of the online casinos in NJ were initially found to be advertising in the local TV markets of the city, but once the cost went up, the advertising was halted by the companies. Even if PokerStars decides to get in the advertising market of NJ, it will cost them a huge deal and a handsome amount of money.

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