Space Wars Video Slot Machine


Slot Type:Multi-Coin, Multiline, Multidenomination, Skill Stop Feature, Free Re-Spin Feature, Stacked Symbols, Stacked Wild Symbols, Video Slot Machine
Software:Net Entertainment
Platform:Instant Play – No Download
Rows 4
Bet Per Payline:10
Coin Value:0.01 – 0.50
Bet Line Jackpot:1,000 coins, 2nd Highest payout 400 coins.


Net Entertainment offers you hundreds of themed video slot machine games that offer hours of entertainment and a chance to win some real money. What I have come to notice about Net Entertainment games is that they will tap into the wildest imaginations and collaborate with top studios such as Universal to create top notch games. Space Wars video slot machine game is no different.



The game will put a smile on your face with the hilarious graphics and win cartoon sequences. This game’s graphics reminds me of the classic Warner Bros. movie, Space Jam. Starring NBA legend, Michael Jordan, some of the top NBA players of all time and actors such as Danny DeVito lending his voice to the movie, you can be sure it was a great watch.

The part that reminds me of this video slot machine is when the aliens take away the playing abilities of these NBA stars and use them to attract crowds to the mountain they come from. Michael Jordan enlists the help of the Looney Toons who play the aliens now known as the Monstars, with the talent stolen being the prize. Let the theme of this video slot machine take you to the best parts of your imagination.


How to play:

The Space wars video slot machine game kicks off with an intro clip where we see the aliens fighting to take control of a great and all-powerful magic crystal. The reels are then loaded for you to play. This is a 5 reel game that comes with 4 rows of symbols to combine and win with. The game has a whopping 40 paylines for you to play and hopefully win some coins. The game lets you bet up to 10 coins per bet line which means you can bet a maximum of 200 coins per game spin. The high definition graphics and ambience sound takes you to that space age.

You will see the main game controls which include the ‘Spin’, ‘Autoplay’ and ‘Coin Value’ controls which let you select how much you want to bet. There is the ‘Max Bet’ button that will select the highest level of the game to create a single spin. You must press this button each time you want to bet along all lines. The game’s settings panel lets you turn on or off the sound, select the graphics level, quick spin and there is also an option to use the computer’s spacebar to spin. I personally prefer the spacebar especially for skill stop.

Regular Stacked and Stacked Wild Space Wars symbols:

There are at least 5 different alien symbols to play with. I personally saw a baby alien, green, orange, purple, yellow and even blue aliens in varying shapes and sizes. There is even one symbol that looks like it is wearing a policeman’s cap while another is the object of the space wars which is the red magic crystal. These symbols can appear as stacked symbols which can appear on some or all rows.


The most prominent of these symbols is the stacked Wild Symbols. These only appear on 2 reels which is reel 2 and 4. They can appear and take up all 4 rows or cover the rows partially. The Wild symbol is an illuminated ‘Wild’. The stacked Wild symbols substitute other symbols in order to score you some winning spins.

Re-Spin Feature

I can safely say that the Re-spin feature is my favorite part of the space wars video slot machine game. This is where the animations come to life. It is a great variation of the common Free Spin bonus round mostly found in other Net Entertainment video slot machine games. When you spin a winning round, you will see the coins won after which the winning symbols will be placed in the funky transportation device on the right side of the video slot machine. After they are ‘beamed up’, an effect that looks like it is wiping out all the other symbols on the slot takes place and other symbols fall into place. This is when the re-spin feature is activated.

The alien symbol that helped create a winning combination will then appear as stacked on one of the reels in the game. You could win another round of coins in the re-spin and then the game continues as usual. Some of the aliens in the game when beamed up and make you big wins will appear on the screen as a form of celebration to announce your winnings. When you make a very big win spin, the reels disappear from the screen and the big win number appears at the centre of it. The game will then revert back to the reels.

Autoplay and Skill Stop Features

The Skill Stop feature is when you select the spin button to not only start but to stop the spins. This demands your attention so as to catch the spin before it comes to an automatic stop. An alternative to the skill stop feature is selecting the ‘quick spin’ option in the game settings. The spins, as you will notice, will move faster in this mode. To make the skill stop feature work even better, you can select the ‘use spacebar to spin’ option. I think that this is a faster way to spin.

When you want to make many spins at a go without having to press any buttons, there is the Autoplay feature. In the settings panel, there is the option to autoplay the game aside from the main control button. Select a number of spins you wish the computer to autospin for you between 10 and 1000 and let the game take control for you. You will not be able to use the control buttons in this instance but you can stop the autospins. This is by manually pressing the stop button in the autoplay settings or you can choose the advanced settings where you can choose to stop the spins after a winning spin or after your coins reach a certain amount.


The Space Wars video slot machine gives you a chance to not only create wining combinations using the 40 paylines and Stacked Wild symbols but also a chance to win up to 400,000 coins in the game. There is a maximum bet line jackpot of 1,000 coins. Get into the hilarious world of the space aliens as they fight to win the Magic Crystal without having to download any applications. Play the game for fun or for real money and enjoy.

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