Starburst Slot Bonus Games

Starburst is a popular slot game in the online casino space. It consists of five reels and 10 lines. The winning combinations can be achieved from five reels. It is a colourful game, and the slot machines are built in such a fashion that full-scale entertainment is guaranteed. If you like a slot which is not only exciting, but also high paced, Starburst is the slot you should definitely target.

Stacked Symbols

A stacked formation of symbols can appear on the reels at any given time. However, a minimum of three symbols needs to be stacked on any one of the reels to make a winning combination. A stacked formation helps a player to qualify for winning or completing the winning combinations to end up with higher earnings.

 Wild Symbol

The Starburst symbol acts as the wild symbol. This is an extremely vital symbol for any slot player since it can complete the winning combinations and can substitute any symbol. This wild symbol only makes its appearance on certain reels such as 2, 3 and 4.

It also activates the re-spin feature. The payment is done as per the winning combination per reel. If there are multiple winning combinations, a gambler is paid only for the highest combination.

Re-spin Feature

The re-spin feature only gets activated when the wild symbols makes its appearance on reels 2, 3 and 4. What’s interesting is that, if a wild symbol appears during re-spin, an extra round of re-spin appears after the existing spin.

The controlled button gets deactivated when starburst re-spin features is activated. When the re-spin feature gets completed, a player is taken to the normal starburst game. The winnings from the re-spin round get added to the final winning and a combination of final win, along with the re-spin win makes up the total win. The total win, however, depends on the coin size.

Symbol and The Payout

There are seven symbols, namely Bar, seven, yellow gemstone, green gemstone, orange gemstone, blue gemstone and purple gemstone. A combination of three symbols can pay as high as $50, a combination of four and five symbols can pay as high $200 and $250 respectively.

Both Side Winning

This is a very uncommon feature for any slot games that does well in the market. Typically, to qualify for a payout, a player has to match the winning combination from left to right, but in case of Starburst, a player is eligible to win if he completes the combination from any direction.

This is one of the most exciting features of this slot and greatly increases a player’s chances of winning. All a player needs to do is play sensibly, and there will be enough chances to win plenty of money.

 A Whopping Prize

Some gamblers have the impression that since this game doesn’t have the progressive jackpot, there is no chance of winning big money. This is a very false perception. It is possible to win a staggering $50,000 from the Starburst Slot. The betting limit per spin starts from $0.1. For those who want to make it big, you can bet up to $100 per spin to make it big.

Where Can You Play?

Some of the established online casinos where you can play Starburst include BetSafe Casino Red, Betsafe Mobile Casino, Casino Euro, MyBet Casino, Unibet Casino and NextCasino among others.

A starting bonus of up to 100% is available at many of the above mentioned casinos. Other than this, there are features such as live casino, promotional offer, surprises bonuses and many more. Some casinos even offer a bonuses on second and third deposits as well.

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