The Partnership Between WPFH and Native Games to Launch T-Mac Slot and Starburst Slots

World Poker Fund Holdings, Inc. (WPFH) has established itself as the most renowned operator and developer of online and social gaming platform that are based on events. It is known that the company is not into offering any cash gaming opportunities for the people of the United States. It is true that it does not hold a license of a gaming operator in the USA or in any other nation. The brand has a ‘celebrity world’ in which it offers an opportunity to the players to see real celebrities in its virtual reality casino. On the other hand, ‘real deck’ includes a gaming experience with real casino dealers and casino tables.

Recently, it has hit the media with the announcement of T-Mac slots. Yes, WPFH has introduced NBA- All-star Tracy McGrady’s slot machine game with the name ‘T-Mac slot’. The slot has been launched on Slots Interactive gaming platform and in Mega Fame casino. This casino is the first to offer T-Mac slot and is expected to captivate eyes of millions across the globe.

About T-Mac Slots

T-Mac slots are the outcome of the partnership between Native Games America, LLC and WPFH. LLC is the parent company of a well-renowned casino gaming developer, Mega Fame Casino. It is known that revenues coming from these new slots will be shared by Native Games and WPFH equally. The company expects the first revenue in the coming month of April.

Players must know that they will have to download the free application of Mega Play Casino from either Google or Apple Play Store. You just need to open the play store and search for ‘T-Mac slots’. It requires a one-time downloading only and you can enjoy gaming anywhere once it is done.

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The Bottom Line

It is sure that the partnership between WPFH and Native Games America, LLC is going to do wonders. The joint venture is expected to make both the brands even more popular and resulting into more revenues in the coming years. T-Mac slot will be the first to be added in the category of Celebrity Slot Machine and is going to captivate the attention of many in a very short span.

For players, they can just sign up at the website to enjoy the very exclusive T-Mac slots, which are sure to be as interesting as Starburst slots. You are advised to read the terms and check out the paytable of the game before actually starting with it.

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