Top Casino Games Like Starburst Slots Offered by Slotomania

Slotomania is a group of slot machines constructed into a smooth operational mobile application which is playable from your desktop as well. It accommodates few lively video slots like Starburst slots with themes varying from your preferred fairy fictions to action loaded imaginations. At Slotomania, not only can you play the top slot machines online but you can also gather free coins ceaselessly.

Welcome Bonus Offered by Slotomania

After registering an account on Slotomania and finishing the creating procedure, you are offered 10,000 free coins. These coins can be utilized on any video slot available at the app like Starburst slots which signifies that you can try out all the games, both the slots that you are aware of and the ones that you never had any luck to try.

Download Procedure of Slotomania’s Software

Slot machines can be downloaded on your smartphone. From the collection of games to the app’s lobby layout, you can savor many individual and public gaming components via contests and slot events to compete in.

  • Visit
  • Sign up and finish the registration procedure
  • Download the mobile application
  • Play more than 150 games with your welcome bonus

Slot Machine Games that You Can Play on Slotomania

All the games on Slotomania are free from the instant you join, although there are dissimilarities in the minimum and maximum wagers on it and also the payouts and possible returns you can gather from every game.

Top Games and Payouts at Slotomania

The best games on Slotomania are categorised in two parts. The games that have the best odds and the games that offer the best payouts.

Games to Play With the Best Odds at Slotomania

When you begin as a new member on Slotomania, the choices are restricted unless you begin ranking up. The levels rise rapidly and in no time you will advance to the huge progressive jackpots. You must aim at playing slots with the best odds to ensure that you have adequate of your 10,000 free coins to play in the big events the instant they are unlocked. This is the reason why it is suggested to begin with Farm Fortune.

Play Farm Fortune Slot at Slotomania

It has 5 reels similar to Starburst slots, 3 rows and 9 pay lines with symbols like tomatoes and grapes along with few exclusive bonus symbols that activate few amusing mini games and unique free spins bonuses. The game provides abundant ways to hike your piggy bank such as mini game with scarecrow symbol “Beat the Mole” and free spins offered which are also granted in Starburst slots. The game also assists you to gradually level up to greater paying games. Initially, you must target for small steady wins from games with better odds until you are capable of gaining enough practice points to open the huge win games.

Games to Play With the Best Payouts at Slotomania

If you desire to win huge and the moderate but regular stream of points and coins from Farm Fortune do not appeal to you then you must go for the games which offer best payouts. Regrettably, you do not need, to begin with the lower payout games, but one technique is that you just hit auto play and stay for your levels to increase high enough to play for huge league jackpots. This way you are probably going to miss the chances of getting marvelous bonus features, though you are certainly leveled up rapidly. After you are leveled up to a certain extent, you can examine the Slotomania games and watch for 7 or 8 figure jackpots. There are many games with highest payouts such as Silver Lion, American Glory and Return to Wonderland.

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