Trump Administration: Good or Bad for Online Casinos and Games Like Starburst Slots?

Donald Trump, the new president of the USA has brought in various controversies with him. It is true that US policy on various areas will take a different turn with his election. The major area is online casino and gambling which is expected to lead in a different direction. Some industry experts believe that Trump will be a boon to online casino industry with his personal track record in the same and that he will come up with pro-trading agenda.

Present Status of Online Gambling in the Trump Administration

The fact is that the gamblers around the USA have been constrained to enjoy online gambling activities. The things in this arena have become tougher after the regulation in the year 2006, which restricted casinos from doing online money transactions. However, the new administration of Trump is still in question whether it will bring in good news for the gamblers and casinos or not.

Views Supporting Online Gambling in the Trump Administration

A majority of the sectors in the online gambling industry have welcomed the Trump administration with positivity. They feel optimistic that his election will bring a new change in the online gambling world with more liberal laws for the gamblers of the nation. The positive change can be anticipated, as Trump has already been involved in this sector. Back in the year 1984, Trump opened his very first casino at the Trump Plaza in the Atlantic City. With the first opening, he further bought major holdings in various resorts and casinos throughout the USA.

In addition to this, he opened a casino in Las Vegas too in the year 2005 to attract attention of more and more players. It is known that Trump has been involved in investment with Betfair, a very popular online betting operator. Although not all investments turned into a profit but he is not likely to oppose online gambling activities.

While talking about his investments further, Trump signed a deal with Poker Ventures LLC with Marc Lasry. It is a company that is all set to take advantage of a future laws involving liberalisation of the online poker. The company has prepared itself to act both at a federal and state level, whichever is required in the future. In fact, Donald Trump has directly stated in an interview that USA is in need to regulate online gambling because the other nations are performing better and the nation needs to come at par with them.

Views Against Trump Administration

Among the close associates of Trump who support the idea of online gambling, there are some completely against the liberalization of gambling restrictions. One of these names includes the CEO of Las Vegas Sands, Adelson who has remained to be a supporter of laws to restrict online gambling. He is against the liberalization because he fears that it would pose to be a huge competition for his business and can affect his position in the industry.

To add on, Adelson has close contacts with the Trump’s insiders and the president is not likely to alienate him. It is known that the America’s Wire Act will be restored and will put more restrictions on the online gambling. However, the bill is still looking for a mainstream support to be passed.

The Bottom Line

It is still unclear whether Trump will support or oppose the growth of online gambling activities in the USA. His personal support to online gambling does not clarify that he is going to encourage such activities. For the gamblers, they are just waiting for Trump’s further plans and an opportunity to enjoy their favorite games like Starburst Slots in their preferred online casinos.

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