Your Guide To Free Spins And Multipliers; Check Out NetEnt Starburst Slots Game

If you read reviews of slot games, then you’ll definitely have come across a section dedicated to the special features that the game offers.

These include free spins and multipliers, and they are very popular with gamblers because they increase the opportunities for wins. In fact, they can also make really huge wins. Therefore, it is really very important to choose a slot game based upon the kind of free spins, bonus rounds, respins, expanding reels, and multipliers it offers; it will make a huge difference to the frequency and size of your wins. Of course, you also should check out games based upon their themes but you’ll agree that it’s important to be able to win money!

Multipliers in Slot Games

As the name indicates, multipliers multiply your wins by certain predetermined numbers based upon some criteria. However, just because a game has a multiplier doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed a good payout. The best games are the ones that give multipliers in multiple wins. Therefore, always make sure that you choose games that have free spin multipliers.

You’ll be interested to know that all multipliers don’t work in the same way. Some multipliers will only work on wins in the base game whereas others will only affect wins in free spins and not the base game. Then there are games where the multipliers work on wins in the base game as well as the free spins. If a game offers anything less than a 4x multiplier then its best to avoid it because the resultant win just won’t be worth your while.

An important rule to always remember is that any win that takes place on a non-active pay line will not result in any payout. Therefore, it is always best to activate the maximum pay lines you can manage. Choose a slot game that accepts smaller deposits on each pay line so that you can keep playing without finishing all your money.

Free Spins in Slot Games

Slot players enjoy getting free spins simply because they give them the opportunity to keep playing again and again, all the while trying for payouts on each of these spins. The free spins round is generally activated when at least three scatter symbols land on the reels during a regular spin. Some games also allow free spins to be re-triggered when a minimum three scatters appear during a free spin. Therefore, you should always pick a slot game in which free spins get multiplied, and you will find that there are plenty of them. What this means is that you should select a slot game in which the free spin round includes any of the features that the game already possesses. These include expanding reels, re-spins, stacked symbols, etc.

As you can see, you are sure to have a great time gambling if you choose a slot game that features free spins or multipliers, and best of all, multiplied free spins. So go ahead and do a lot of research before you choose a game.

Starburst Slots Launches

The NetEnt title Starburst Slots is a very good game to try out not just because of its colourful visuals but also for its thrilling features that give you many opportunities to win money. Its Starburst Wild feature expands from the middle three reels to cover all five reels. This feature can give you a maximum five re-spins at no extra cost to you. The game gives an RTP of around 97% thanks to the frequent payouts. The game has 10 pay lines and offers you a reasonably good range of betting options. In short, it is definitely worth a try!

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