Slot Type:Multi-Coin, Multiline, Multidenomination, Skill Stop Feature, Frankenstein Burning Free Spin Bonus Round, Linked Wild Symbols, Fire Wild Symbols, Lighting Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, Multiplier Feature, Video Slot Machine
Software:Net Entertainment
Platform:Instant Play – No App to Download
Max Coins Per Line:10
Bet Range Per Payline:0.01 – 0.50
Bet Line Jackpot:1,500 coins, 2nd Highest payout 1,200 coins.




Net Entertainment truly is in existence to entertain and make you some money. They have teamed up with legendary Universal Studios to bring you the Frankenstein Video Slot Machine. The story of Frankenstein actually surrounds the monster he created (which is why the monster is sometimes and accidentally called Frankenstein). Doctor Frankenstein, the mad scientist, was on a quest to re-animate a dead body and bring it to life. The story has been re-told and dozens of film remakes are available. It is said that ‘flattery is the highest form of imitation’ and that means that this classic story is worth telling many times over. You will see in the intro clip when Doctor Frankenstein and his assistant Fritz dig out a dead body and are proceeding to carry it to the tower to try and bring it to life.

How to play:

The Frankenstein Video Slot Machine is a 5-reel, 20 payline game that lets you bet a maximum of 10 coins per bet line in a coin value between 0.01 and 0.50. This game can give you a chance to win 1,500 coins per active winning payline through free spin bonus rounds, Linked Wild Symbols and the chance to place maximum bets or autoplay your spins. There are additional controls in this game which are found on the bottom left of the video slot machine. With these settings you can turn on or off the sounds and music. You can also adjust the games graphics to ensure that they match your computer’s specifications and features. This is to ensure that you enjoy the graphics and game to the maximum. Let us step into the lab and see how this works.

Regular Fortune Teller Symbols:

Something about the way the J, Q, K, A and 10 symbols are written reminds me of the haunting title sequence of the original film. In addition to these is the symbol of Doctor Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s Monster, Fritz and a jar of Brain. These can be part of a winning combination and can be replaced by the Wild symbols to create winning spins.

Linked Wild and Scatter Symbols

One of the most interesting features of this game is the Linked Wild Symbols that are signified by a Lightning rod and Fire. The Lightning Rod Linked Wild Symbol appears on reels 2 to 4. When spun, it can turn adjacent symbols into the Wild symbol and these will try and give you winning combinations. The Wild Symbol does not automatically mean that the spin will earn you coins. The Lightning Rod does not activate the Free Spin Bonus round or substitute the Scatter Symbol in the game.

When the game enters the Frankenstein Burning Free Spin Round, the Lightning Rod symbols convert into Fire Wild Symbols. The Fire Wild Symbol, much like its name, will spread to nearby symbols and try to give you a better chance at winning. The Fire Wild symbol cannot activate Free Spins or substitute the Scatter Symbol and only appears in reels 2 to 4.

The Scatter Symbol is signified by a Windmill. This symbol can appear anywhere on the game and when you spin 3 or more of them, you activate the Free Spin Bonus Round. It is possible to get more free spins when you spin more scatter symbols

Frankenstein Burning Free Spin Bonus Round

This round activates after you spin 3 or more Windmill Scatter Symbols, the game will offer you 10 free spins. You will see at the bottom of the screen that the game can offer you random multipliers between 1X to 5X. The multiplier symbol appears on reel 5 and you will get your coins multiplied until it disappears. The Fire Wild Symbol cannot substitute the Multiplier symbol. In this round, 2 windmill symbols in the game can give you 5 free spins while 3 or more will award you 10 free spins. These will be added to your original free spins and once all spins are used up, the game returns to the regular game.

Auto Spin and Skill Stop Features

It is possible to control your spins in this ghoulish game by either selecting autoplay or making use of the Skill Stop Feature. The latter is when you determine the start and stop of a regular spin. If you feel that the spins need to speed up, then there is an option in the game settings named ‘quick spin’. This is an option that settles your game spins much faster than conventional spins.

The Autoplay option is when you select spins between 10 and 1000 that you will place in the hands of the Frankenstein team, or computer as you call it, to autospin that number of games for you. You can choose to end the autospins by manually stopping the spins or by changing the advanced settings to stop the game when you win or when you reach a certain number of total coins.


The Frankenstein Video Slot Machine offers you the chance to win a1500 maximum jackpot in a payline. You will be able to win this on active paylines. Choose to tour Frankenstein’s lab for free or you can choose to pay at the door to give you a chance to win some real money. The game is available straight from the Net Entertainment site and there is no need to download any software. The game, in the famous words of Doctor Frankenstein, ‘IS ALIVE!’ and will give you real-time chances of winning some coins while enjoying the world of Frankenstein.


Slot Type:Multi-Coin, Multiline, Multidenomination, Skill Stop Feature, Free Re-Spin Feature, Stacked Symbols, Stacked Wild Symbols, Video Slot Machine
Software:Net Entertainment
Platform:Instant Play – No Download
Rows 4
Bet Per Payline:10
Coin Value:0.01 – 0.50
Bet Line Jackpot:1,000 coins, 2nd Highest payout 400 coins.


Net Entertainment offers you hundreds of themed video slot machine games that offer hours of entertainment and a chance to win some real money. What I have come to notice about Net Entertainment games is that they will tap into the wildest imaginations and collaborate with top studios such as Universal to create top notch games. Space Wars video slot machine game is no different.



The game will put a smile on your face with the hilarious graphics and win cartoon sequences. This game’s graphics reminds me of the classic Warner Bros. movie, Space Jam. Starring NBA legend, Michael Jordan, some of the top NBA players of all time and actors such as Danny DeVito lending his voice to the movie, you can be sure it was a great watch.

The part that reminds me of this video slot machine is when the aliens take away the playing abilities of these NBA stars and use them to attract crowds to the mountain they come from. Michael Jordan enlists the help of the Looney Toons who play the aliens now known as the Monstars, with the talent stolen being the prize. Let the theme of this video slot machine take you to the best parts of your imagination.


How to play:

The Space wars video slot machine game kicks off with an intro clip where we see the aliens fighting to take control of a great and all-powerful magic crystal. The reels are then loaded for you to play. This is a 5 reel game that comes with 4 rows of symbols to combine and win with. The game has a whopping 40 paylines for you to play and hopefully win some coins. The game lets you bet up to 10 coins per bet line which means you can bet a maximum of 200 coins per game spin. The high definition graphics and ambience sound takes you to that space age.

You will see the main game controls which include the ‘Spin’, ‘Autoplay’ and ‘Coin Value’ controls which let you select how much you want to bet. There is the ‘Max Bet’ button that will select the highest level of the game to create a single spin. You must press this button each time you want to bet along all lines. The game’s settings panel lets you turn on or off the sound, select the graphics level, quick spin and there is also an option to use the computer’s spacebar to spin. I personally prefer the spacebar especially for skill stop.

Regular Stacked and Stacked Wild Space Wars symbols:

There are at least 5 different alien symbols to play with. I personally saw a baby alien, green, orange, purple, yellow and even blue aliens in varying shapes and sizes. There is even one symbol that looks like it is wearing a policeman’s cap while another is the object of the space wars which is the red magic crystal. These symbols can appear as stacked symbols which can appear on some or all rows.


The most prominent of these symbols is the stacked Wild Symbols. These only appear on 2 reels which is reel 2 and 4. They can appear and take up all 4 rows or cover the rows partially. The Wild symbol is an illuminated ‘Wild’. The stacked Wild symbols substitute other symbols in order to score you some winning spins.

Re-Spin Feature

I can safely say that the Re-spin feature is my favorite part of the space wars video slot machine game. This is where the animations come to life. It is a great variation of the common Free Spin bonus round mostly found in other Net Entertainment video slot machine games. When you spin a winning round, you will see the coins won after which the winning symbols will be placed in the funky transportation device on the right side of the video slot machine. After they are ‘beamed up’, an effect that looks like it is wiping out all the other symbols on the slot takes place and other symbols fall into place. This is when the re-spin feature is activated.

The alien symbol that helped create a winning combination will then appear as stacked on one of the reels in the game. You could win another round of coins in the re-spin and then the game continues as usual. Some of the aliens in the game when beamed up and make you big wins will appear on the screen as a form of celebration to announce your winnings. When you make a very big win spin, the reels disappear from the screen and the big win number appears at the centre of it. The game will then revert back to the reels.

Autoplay and Skill Stop Features

The Skill Stop feature is when you select the spin button to not only start but to stop the spins. This demands your attention so as to catch the spin before it comes to an automatic stop. An alternative to the skill stop feature is selecting the ‘quick spin’ option in the game settings. The spins, as you will notice, will move faster in this mode. To make the skill stop feature work even better, you can select the ‘use spacebar to spin’ option. I think that this is a faster way to spin.

When you want to make many spins at a go without having to press any buttons, there is the Autoplay feature. In the settings panel, there is the option to autoplay the game aside from the main control button. Select a number of spins you wish the computer to autospin for you between 10 and 1000 and let the game take control for you. You will not be able to use the control buttons in this instance but you can stop the autospins. This is by manually pressing the stop button in the autoplay settings or you can choose the advanced settings where you can choose to stop the spins after a winning spin or after your coins reach a certain amount.


The Space Wars video slot machine gives you a chance to not only create wining combinations using the 40 paylines and Stacked Wild symbols but also a chance to win up to 400,000 coins in the game. There is a maximum bet line jackpot of 1,000 coins. Get into the hilarious world of the space aliens as they fight to win the Magic Crystal without having to download any applications. Play the game for fun or for real money and enjoy.


Slot Type:Multi-Coin, Multiline, Multidenomination, Skill Stop Feature, Fortune Teller Tarot Card Bonus Feature, Free Spin Bonus Round, Scatter Symbols, Wild Symbols, Video Slot Machine
Software:Net Entertainment
Platform:Instant Play – No App to Download
Max Coins Per Line:4
Bet Range Per Payline:0.01 – 0.50
Bet Line Jackpot:7,500 coins, 2nd Highest payout 2,000 coins.


Net Entertainment has the best themed video slot machine games for you to enjoy and even lets you win some money. Let the Fortune Teller Video Slot machine look into your bright future full of winning spins, luck and fortune. The Fortune teller industry is usually connected with Gypsies. Those in this line of work will usually try and read your future and can share with you what the future holds in terms of family, love, career and life. When visiting a fortune teller, it is said that the reading (be it tarot card, palm or crystal ball) will work best if you walk into a session and believe in it. Even non-believers of future telling and tarot readings can enjoy this game and earn some change.


How to play:

The Fortune Teller Video Slot machine is a 5-reel, 30-slot video slot machine that gives you a chance to spin a payline jackpot of 7,500 coins. The game’s coin value is between 0.01 and 0.50 and you can bet a maximum of 4 coins per bet line. The game has 4 bet levels and this gives you a chance to bet a maximum of 150 coins per spin. The game has main control buttons that not only let you choose coin value, bet level and spin, you are able to place a maximum bet as well as select playing bet lines.

Regular Fortune Teller Symbols:

The regular symbols in the Fortune Teller game are symbolic of the future telling trade. You will see tambourines labeled Ace, King and Queen, tarot cards labeled Jack and 10 as well as other symbols which include a horse, a black cat and a wagon. These are symbols common in the gypsy culture and the fortune telling world. These symbols usually make up part of a winning payline and can be replaced by a Wild or Scatter symbol to raise your chances of spinning wins.

fortune-teller-slot (2)

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Wild Symbol is signified by a palm reading. It substitutes regular symbols and can appear anywhere on the game. This does not activate the Free Spin Bonus Round or the Tarot Card Reading Bonus Round. This symbol cannot substitute or replace the scatter symbols as well.

There are 2 scatter symbols in this game; The Fortune Teller Bonus symbol and the Crystal Ball scatter symbol. The Crystal Ball scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the reels and 3 or more of the scatter symbols will activate the Free Spin Bonus Round.

The Fortune Teller Bonus symbol must appear in a consecutive order from the left on reels 1 to 5. 3 or more Fortune Teller Bonus symbols will activate the Tarot Card Reading Bonus Round. It is possible in this game to win both regular and scatter payline wins at the same time.

Free Spin Bonus Round

Spinning 3 or more Crystal Ball scatter symbols will activate the Free Spin Bonus Round which can award you with 12 free spins. You are required to manually kick off the free spins after which all the control buttons will be deactivated until you return to the regular game. All wins during the Free Spin Bonus Round, all wins are tripled and added to your total coins. It is possible to spin more scatter combinations within the free spin round and these are added to your total free spins. The bonus round ends when all free spins are exhausted.

Tarot Card Reading Bonus Round

The Tarot Card Reading Bonus Round is activated when you spin 3 or more Fortune Teller bonus symbols in the regular reels. This then activates a bonus feature where you get to choose tarot cards to turn over and get a chance to win more coins. You get to select tarot cards, some of which give a few coins and special royal cards that give you 800 coins each. When this round is over, the game ends and returns to the regular spins.

Auto Spin and Skill Stop Features

The autoplay feature is seen alongside the settings buttons at the bottom of the video slot machine. Here, you get to choose a minimum of 10 spins all the way to 1000 spins. You get to activate the free spins and let the computer decide your winning fate. You can choose to manually stop the spins or use the advanced settings to stop the game after a win, after spinning a bonus round or after your coins increase or reduce to a chosen amount.

The Skill Stop Feature is another way of taking control of your winning future. During a regular spin, it is possible to manually stop the spin and make winning combinations. In the additional game settings, you can keep the ambient sounds on or off to give you the feel of a tarot reading session.


The Fortune Teller video slot machine game will give you a chance to win 7,500 coins on any winning pay line as long as you have spun, for example, 5 Palm Reading symbols. You are able to enjoy this exotic game for free and when you feel like taking a shot in winning money, you can bet with real money in selected currencies. You do not need to download any complicated software and you can enjoy the Fortune Teller video slot machine from the Net Entertainment site. Look into the future and see that it can be bright by playing on this video slot machine.


Slot Type:Multi-Coin, Multiline, Multidenomination, Skill Stop Feature, Win Both Ways feature, Boxing Feature, Stacked Wild symbols, Diagonal Wilds, Stacked Symbols, Re-spin feature, Video Slot Machine
Software:Net Entertainment
Platform:Instant Play – No App to Download
Max Coins Per Line:10
Bet Range Per Payline:0.01 – 1.00
Bet Line Jackpot:500 coins, 2nd Highest payout 250 coins.


We are all fans of hilarious and entertaining animations such as the ones you will find in Net Entertainment’s Fisticuffs Video Slot Machine game. The game shows you that size does not matter when facing an opponent in a boxing ring because depending on the spins you make, the lightweight boxer punches out the heavyweight boxer. It may seem trivial but such a video slot machine can trigger that need to be brave and face your obstacles or hurdles no matter how big they may be. This video slot machine pays a humorous and animated homage to the world of boxing. Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather and even the Film Rocky come to mind while playing this video slot machine. Step into this world of animated boxing where you can win big, in fun and real money mode. Get ready for hours of entertainment and luck with this video slot machine.

How to play:

Fisticuffs video slot machine is a 5-reel, 10 bet lines game that lets you win both ways which means that you can get winning combinations from left to right and vice versa. The game lets you select your bet level between 1 and 10, your coin value between 0.01 to 1.00 and also a chance to bet a maximum of 10 coins per payline. The game has interesting symbols that will give you more chances of winning in this video slot machine.

Fisticuffs Stacked Symbols:

In any boxing match, there are common things that you will see at a fight and these make up the regular symbols. These are the Championship Belt, Boxing Trophy, Boxing Gloves, Boxing Bell, Boxing stool, Boxing Boots and a Spit Bucket. A combination of these or when substituted with the Wild Symbols can give you a chance to get winning spins. The interesting thing about these symbols is that up to 3 of them can appear on the same reel, thereby giving you even more chances of winning.

Wild and Stacked Wild Symbols

In the Fisticuffs video slot machine, the Wild symbol is a card written ‘Wild’. The Wild symbols when spun in a game will kind of ‘stick around’ to be played in one more re-spin. The stacked wild symbols will only appear on reels 1 and 5 to give you more winning combinations in the re-spin round. Stacked Wild symbols are those that can partially or completely cover an entire reel on all 3 rows of symbols. These can substitute regular symbols.

Straight Wild and Diagonal Wild Symbols

The Straight Wild (heavyweight boxer symbol) only appears on reel 3 and can substitute all symbols to create winning symbols. If 1 or 2 Diagonal Wilds appear, they will appear on the same row as the Straight Wild and the Straight Wild will punch Diagonal Wild into reel 1 and/or reel 5 and turn all symbols in between the punch into the Wild Symbol. The Wild Symbols will stick for 1 re-spin to give you more winning combinations.

Diagonal Wild (lightweight boxer) usually appears on reels 2 and 4. When 1 or 2, they will appear diagonally to the Straight Wild where the former will punch Straight Wild up or down and transform the symbol above or below into Wild Symbols.

Boxing Feature

During regular game spins, the Diagonal Wild (lightweight boxer) and the Straight Wild (heavyweight boxer) can appear in adjacent reels. This activates an animation where the heavyweight boxer punches the lightweight boxer a few reels back, up or down. Diagonal Wilds can happen on the same line as the Straight Wild or diagonally from the Straight Wild and can stick around for 1 re-spin.

Re-Spin Feature

After the Diagonal Wild and Straight Wild activate the Wild symbols, the symbols will give you a chance for 1 re-spin and these will allow you to get more winning combinations. Once the re-spin happens, the game returns back to the regular spins. Such features usually give you additional hopes of making winning combinations.

Auto Spin and Skill Stop Features

The autospin option is usually activated using the auto button at the bottom of the video slot machine. It enables you to choose a number of spins the computer can play for you. You are able to manually stop the autospins or you can choose from the advanced settings whether to stop after a winning spin or when your coins reach a certain amount.

The Skill stop feature allows you to control the spin time in a regular spin. The spin button usually stops automatically but the player can choose to stop the spin and try their luck at making a winning spin. A variation of this is to select the ‘quick spin’ option in the game settings.


The Fisticuffs Video Slot Machine game gives you a chance to win some great money in both the fun and real money mode. You can win a maximum payout of 500 coins per payline. This can be achieved by spinning 5 championship belt symbols. Paylines that have been selected before a spin are the ones that are payable. This game also allows you to win both ways on the paylines. Play this game from the Net Entertainment website and stand a chance to play and win in various currencies (the coin value you see does not change regardless of the currency). Thanks to this video slot machine, it is time to knock out the competition and win with Fisticuffs.


Those who are fascinated by the Egyptian mythology will have a gala time playing Secrets of Horus slot.

God of the sun, sky and kingship, Horus is perhaps one of the oldest and most noteworthy gods in ancient Egyptian religion. He was often depicted as a falcon or a man with the head of a falcon.

secrets of horus 1

This slot from Net Entertainment will easily transform you to the Egyptian era when Pharaohs ruled. With a chance to win up to €71,676 in the Free Spins Bonus round, Secrets of Horus definitely seems like a lucrative slot.

Facts & Figures

A three row, five reel and 20 pay lines slot, you can wager a minimum of 0.02 and a maximum of 40 for each spin. You can choose the coin denominations that lie in the range of 0.02 and 0.50 per pay line.

You’re also given a choice of wagering between one and four coins per pay line. So, if you’re placing a maximum bet on all pay lines, your bet amount will be 80 coins!

With a decent Return to Player (RTP) of 96% and an option to bet in Pounds, Euros, USD or Canadian Dollars, get ready for an authentic Egyptian experience through this slot.

secrets of horus slot 2

Horus-The Wild and Multiplier Symbol

Horus is the wild and multiplier symbol in Secrets of Horus slot. In addition to replacing all the other symbols, the wild symbol also doubles the payouts of winning combos that have the wild symbol in them. But Horus symbol needs to be the substituting symbol!

Although the function of the wild symbol is to substitute other symbols, it does not substitute the scatter symbol, Scarab.

Scarab-The Scatter Symbol

Being a scatter symbol, it gives Scarab the ability to appear anywhere on all the reels to complete winning combos provided it appears on enabled pay lines. However, you need at least two Scarab symbols to form the combos.

If you’re lucky, three or more Scarab symbols on the reels will make you eligible for the Free Spin Bonus round.  In this sense, the game is different to starburst, though, as the wild symbols do not appear all on the same reel.

The Free Spin Bonus Round

This is a very profitable round for two reasons. First, you’ll be given 15 free spins to play the round and second, value of all the winning combos that you’re able to form in this round is tripled! It definitely can’t get more rewarding than this!

If lady luck is still by your side, appearance of three or more Scarab symbols in the free spins can get you an additional 15 free spins. The best part is that you can receive an unlimited number of free spins in this round.

However, once you’ve exhausted all your free spins, you’ll be taken back to your base game screen where you can resume playing. Whatever you’ve won in this round will be added to your tally.

secrets of horus 3

The Regular Symbols

The ancient Egyptian alphabets were represented pictorially. Net Entertainment has used some of them as their symbols. So, Vulture stands for A, Sphinx is L, Hand is D, Chick is U, Stone Blade is G and Palm Leafs are Y.

Additionally, you’ll also come across Eye of Horus, Egyptian Ring, Knoptic Jar, Egyptian Falcon and Scroll. All these symbols are valued differently!

While Eye of Horus is the highest paying symbol at 750 credits for five of them, five of Palm Leafs (Y) symbols will pay you the least at 125 credits.

The Final Verdict

Overall, Secrets of Horus is an interesting slot that will take you on an exciting ancient Egyptian journey through time! With a maximum jackpot of 10,000 credits in the base game and a number of exciting features, this slot is gamers’ paradise!

Slot Type:Multi-Coin, Multiline, Multidenominations, Autoplay Feature, Skill Stop Feature, Free Spin Bonus Round, Scatter Symbols, Wild Symbols, Vampire Slayer Bonus Game, Video Slot Machine
Software:Net Entertainment
Platform:Instant Play – No App to Download
Max Coins Per Line:4
Coin Value0.01 – 5.00
Bet Line Jackpot:7,500 coins, 2nd Highest payout 2,000 coins.


Net Entertainment has slayed it once again (no pun intended) with the Blood Suckers Video Slot Machine game. Not a single soul can say they know nothing about vampires, from the Twilight Saga to Monster High, to Interview with a Vampire to the original story of Count Dracula. It is said that Dracula was a man that wanted to do what it took to protect his family and even if it meant him becoming a vampire and immortal, it was what he had to do.

Over time, we have learnt that vampires sleep in coffins by day and rule the night with a deathly fear of garlic cloves, the sun, pure silver and also a sharp wooden stake through the heart. Embrace your dark and blood-sucking side with this game. This is a 5- reel, 25-payline game that lets you make a maximum bet of 4 coins per payline with the maximum standing at 96. The coin value in the Blood Suckers Video Slot Machine ranges between 0.01 and 5.00, one of the highest noted thus far. The highest wins one can get stands at about 7,500 coins with the 2nd highest standing at 2,000 coins. Some of the features include the Free Spin Bonus Round, Wild and Scatter symbols and the blood-curdling Vampire Slaying bonus feature.

How to play:

A first glance at this game can send chills up your spine but with a chance to play to win, you will quickly overlook the dark but well done graphics. The eerie sound made during winning spins and during the Vampire Slayer game will keep you on your toes while playing. You will select the bet lines you wish to play, the coin value that you are comfortable with as well as the bet level and then let the large spin button bring you that winning luck. If you wish to let fate decide your wins, you can select the ‘max bet’ button that picks the highest levels of coin value, bet lines and bet level. All you have to do is choose between 10 and 100 spins that the game can make for you.

Blood Sucker Symbols:

The regular symbols seen in this game Holy Water, the Bible, Crossbow and Garlic (all protection from vampires) with the other symbols being popular vampires such as Count Dracula, Jonathan, Mina and Renfield. There is one wild symbol and 2 scatter symbols as well.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Blood Suckers Video Slot Machine game has quite the entertaining wild symbol which is the Vampire Bite where you see a maiden being bitten by Count Dracula and the blood-dripping bite is highlighted for you to see. This symbol substitutes regular symbols in a winning combination. The Vampire bite cannot substitute the 2 scatter symbols and cannot activate the Free Spin Bonus Round.

The 2 Scatter symbols are the Wooden Stake bonus symbol and the Vampire Bride (who screams after making a winning combination). These do not have to appear on a winning line to enable one to win. These can be found on any of the 5 reels and winnings are determined by how many vampire bride or wooden stake bonus symbols appear multiplied by number of coins bet. A minimum of 3 vampire bride or wooden stake bonus symbols sets off the free spin bonus round.

Free Spin Bonus round

When you spin 3 or more scatter symbols (Vampire Bride or Wooden Stake bonus symbols), the free spin bonus round comes into play. The last bet settings in the regular game remain unchanged during the bonus round. You are awarded 10 free spins and these can rise if you get more scatter symbol combinations within the free spin game. All winnings during free spin games are tripled and there is no limit to how many free spins one can get.

Vampire Slaying Bonus Feature

When you spin 3 or more wooden stake symbols in a consecutive manner, you activate yet another bonus game, the vampire slaying bonus feature. In this round, you will see 12 coffins. You will select 3 of them at random. Any coffin with a vampire that you slay with a wooden stake scores you bonus points which you can see at the bottom of the screen. The Blood Suckers Video Slot Machine game has a feature preview button that lets you see how the bonus feature is played.

Autoplay and Skill Stop Features

The Auto play feature in the game can be found at the bottom left of the slot machine. You are able to select a number of autospins between 10 and 100 and the game does the rest for you. The advanced settings let you choose when the autospin stops like then your coins increase or decrease to a certain limit or after a winning spin. Another feature is the skill stop feature that works depending on how quick you are on the spin button. You are able to control the length of the reel spin but the button will also stop without necessarily being manipulated by the player.


Only enabled paylines give you those desired wins and 5 vampire bite symbols give you the maximum payout of 7,500. You have the option to play for fun or bet real money in multiple denominations for a chance to win. You do not have to download an app to play the game and this can be accessed directly from the Net Entertainment site. Lights on or lights off, enjoy the horrific adventure in the Blood Suckers Video Slot Machine.

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Moon Bingo

moon-bingo-logo-smallMoon Bingo is the sister site of Moon Games. It offers players the perfect mix of bingo games and slots – perfect if you get bored in rooms like Tombola, that only offer bingo. You will find the entire suite of of NetEntertainment games – such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Twin Spin, and Starburst slots.

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