Perhaps, the 8th day of November is going to be a show turner in the United States. Presently, all Americans are thinking and wondering about the presidential elections, but here on this day, some other major decision will also be taken. The four individual states of the US namely Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Arkansas will be embracing the referendum. These states will seek support from the people in defining the real future of gambling there.

What Arkansas and New Jersey Feel

While talking about the vote of Arkansas, it has come up with the idea of opening of three new casinos in the state. Thus, the state is expecting to get a feedback about the same from the people of Arkansas. The locations where these three casinos will be opened if they enjoy the majority are Miller County, Washington County and Boone County. It is sure that the new casinos in these locations are going to captivate the attention of many in the minimum time only.
All those people who have consented to the idea have already delivered their signatures. After all the remaining and potential signatures, the same question will be presented in the ballot of 8th November. However, it is known that some irregularities and illegality has been there in gathering these signatures, according to the opposition. The final take is due on the Supreme Court of the nation, as it is going to decide whether the referendum will be considered or not.

On the other hand, New Jersey has all its plans to vote on the casinos that are outside Atlantic City. It was seen that in the year 1976, the resident of New Jersey showed a green flag to the referendum of opening casinos in Atlantic City. Nonetheless, the city has no more remained a land of profit for the casinos, as four out of 12 casinos in the area have been closed due to the loss in their business. The casinos in the area have been struggling a lot to attract the players.

On 8th November, a referendum will make it clear whether new casinos should be allowed to open outside Atlantic City or not. It is sure that the casinos of this city will enjoy the first right to place their bid if the referendum has attained the full approval. It is known that the two new casinos of worth 1 billion each will be opened.

The Stand of Rhode Island and Massachusetts

It is known that the people of Rhode Island will be asked whether they agree to the opening of a new casino in Tiverton or not. This situation has risen after the Newport Grand Casino has taken the decision to continue its operation out of Newport. The casino was bound to take such a hard decision after the local community in Newport stood against it. The community campaigned against the introduction of table games in the casino.

When it comes to Massachusetts, the present state law permits one slot parlor and three casinos in the state. It means that people are all allowed to play different slot games like Starburst slot at any point of time without any restriction. However, the state is interested to open more slot parlors after witnessing a great success and profit in the same. As a result, the 8th November will be seen having a referendum asking people whether they wish to have more slot parlors or not. If it in yes then the new parlor is expected to be open in Revere.

Therefore, all these four states are eagerly waiting for 8th November and are expecting a positive result of all their referendums.

double bubble slot 1The most sought after and most played slot games are of course those on which you will find a large sized jackpot coupled with a very high payout percentage. It is with that in mind we would like to introduce you to one of the very latest online slots that being the great looking Double Bubble slot.

Having been designed by Gamesys, you are guaranteed of having a very enjoyable slot playing session when you track down and play this all singing and all dancing slot. Being available as both a free play and real money slot if you do like what you read below then you are always more than welcome to test it out online via the free play demo mode version of the slot!

The two standout aspects of its unique design is that there is the chance of you willing a jackpot payout worth 20,000 coins, and it has also been designed to return to players, via its payout percentage, an RTP of a very generous 96.02%

double-bubble-slots 2The game is available as an instant play slot and as such if you do like what you are about to read in regards to the additional unique features on offer on the Double Bubble slot games then you will be able to play it without ever having to wait for a gaming platform to download to access the game, all you need is a web browser!

Features and Settings on the Double Bubble Slot

double-bub-image-1Let us now move onto showing you the range of option settings available on the Double Bubble slot along with the bonuses games that can be triggered along with information on the wild symbols and how you can win the jackpot when playing this slot.

Pay Lines – With 20 paylines on offer you will certainly have lots of ways of forming a base game winning payout when playing this slot however, by playing all of them the Bubble Line winning payout is activated and gives you the chance of winning a huge amount of cash, so always try and play maximum payline spins if you can afford to do so!

Wild Symbol – The wild symbols on this slot game are what will award you with the base game jackpot payout when you get all five of them on an activated payline, those symbols being wild do stand in for all standard reel symbols.

Bonus Game – A picking game is going to be triggered as soon as you get the bonus symbols landing anywhere on the first, third and fifth reels of this slot. When you do you are presented with a set of bubbles on the screen on which you simply have to pick one to reveal your bonus game winning payout.

Bubble Line – All reel symbols that have a bubble superimposed on then will drop onto the Bubble Line at the foot of the slot game screen, and by playing 20 pay lines per spin you could win an enhanced bonus payout if you form a winning payout on the Bubble Line!

Jackpot – The jackpot up for grabs on each spin you play off on the Double Bubble slot game is a huge 20,000 coins and being a random slot you could win that jackpot payout on any max bet spin you play off!

Stakes – You can play for a low stake amount or a high cost spin when playing this slot for the coin value settings are adjustable, if you want to play for pennies then simply set the coin values to their lowest amount which quite conveniently is 0.01!

One aspect of becoming an online slot player is that you are going to come across a large and very varied range of different promotional offers and bonuses no matter at which casino or bingo sites you have chosen to sign up to and play at.

Whilst you may be tempted to take a deposit match type of bonus or even a cash-back styled bonus there are quite a number of better valued bonuses available to you if it is slot games you are looking to play.

One of the best types of bonus you will find on offer at various different bingo sites and online casino sites are those which are classed and designed as free spins no deposit bonuses.

As the name of those promotional offers does suggest you will never have to make a deposit to claim the bonuses and you will be rewarded with a set of free spins when claiming them. You will then have to play off you set of free spins in the hope you win as much as you can do for you will be able to keep the winnings achieved on those bonuses.

However, it is the way in which you are awarded those winnings that will determine whether they are bonuses worth claiming or not, so read on for more details!

Best No Deposit Free Spins Bonuses

As you are likely to find a huge range of different no deposit free spins bonuses when you become aware of them and start hunting around to make use of them, we have put together a guide below which is going to enlighten you on what you should be looking or when reading through the terms and conditions of those bonuses to lock in the best value.

No Limit Cash-Outs – One of the very important terms and conditions you should be looking out for in regards to claiming a set of free slot spins is whether there are going to be any limits of just how much cash you can win from your awarded free spins. The sets of no deposit required free spins that have no limit on the amount of cash you can win via your awarded free spins are the best ones to claim!

Cash Winnings – The way in which your free slot spins winnings are credited to you casino account will have an effect on the value of these types of slot game promotional offers. You are going to be awarded your winnings as either cash credits which you can cash out straight away you like or as bonus credits. The latter way will force you to have to play through your winnings a certain number of times before you can cash them out!

Maximum Pay Lines – Make sure that whichever slot game is the one being used for a free no deposit set of slot spins offer has all of its payline activated as part of the bonus offer it will be pointless you playing for example a 50 paylines slot if you only have for example five activated pay lines for the duration of your free spins!

Best Free Spins Slots – There are lots of different slot game that can be used as the base slot for a free spins no deposit required type of promotional offer. However the best ones that a casino can use are those with a high base and bonus game jackpot and those that boast a very high payout percentage. The higher the payout percentages of any such slot then the more chances of winning you will have when playing off your free spins!

We love playing both high paying slots and slots that do award one or more unique bonus games, and it is with that in mind we have taken a good look round the web and have handpicked a range of different slots to introduce to you that we think you will enjoy playing too.

One slot which really did give us hours of fun recently was the Gamesys designed and supplied Fortune Temple slot game, not only are you going to have the chance of winning an enormous 10,000 coin jackpot on each spin you make, but there are a couple of bonus feature rounds that could be triggered too.

The Fortune Temple slot comes with something of a mythical theme, and with animated reel symbols and excellent sound effects you are certainly going to enjoy playing it online. One other thing worth knowing about this great looking slot is that it has been set to return a high payout percentage, and for reference that payout percentage has been certified as a high 95.62%

We do know you do have a lot of choice in regards to the types of slot game you can play online, and with that in mind in the following section of the Fortune Temple slot game review we shall take a look at what makes this slot unique and appealing to slot players.

Optional Settings and Bonus Features

You will always be able to configure the Fortune Temple slot game to play in a way you can afford as all of the staking options are configurable. You will also find you can play each spin manually by clicking onto the spin button or you can make use of an auto play settings. Below you will find all of the main aspects of this slot games which make it one worth playing!

Pay Lines – The Fortune Temple slot game will certainly give you plenty of winning opportunities as it has been designed as a slot on which you can play up to 25 paylines!

Wild Symbol – There are wild symbols in play on this slot however the only symbols they do not stand in for are the bonus symbols and the scatter symbols.

Fortune or Misfortune Bonus – The Fortune or Misfortune bonus feature game is triggered upon the arrival of at least three of the Green Eye bonus symbols on any of your paylines. When this bonus game is triggered you are then going to play off what could turn out to be a multi stage picking game.

You have to pick one of the doors presented to you on the bonus game screen, if the one you click has cons hidden behind it you win those coins and can then move onto the next picking game, however if you reveal a Skull behind your chosen door the bonus game ends there and then!

Gift from the Gods – The Red Eye symbols spinning in will trigger an additional bonus game which is known as the Gift from the Gods bonus round. This is a very basic bonus game to play off for you simply have to click on the stop button to reveal your winning payout for that bonus round!

Jackpot – The jackpot you could win from the base game of this slot is a huge one and five of the jackpot symbols landing on any activated payline will se you winning a 10,000 coin base game jackpot payout!

Stakes – The stakes you choose to play the Fortune Temple slot game will be up to you, it is available as a free play slot or as a real money slot and the very lowest coin value setting won’t break your bank as it is just 0.01!


Every single bingo site will be offering you a range of slot games which you can play separately in a new window or even alongside any bingo game you are playing.

However, what makes a bingo site with slot games a site you should be playing at is whether the slots come with higher than average payout percentages, for those bingo slot machines will return more of your stakes as winning payouts so you will have much longer slot playing sessions when playing slots with high RTP’s!

Bingo slot games offer a range of different staking options too, and as such you will never be forced to play them for very high stake amounts, in fact some of the highest paying bingo slots offering one or more progressive jackpots can award those jackpots even if you are playing them for pennies, so always be on the lookout for those types of games.

Also many bingo sites will offer slot games bonuses in addition to any bingo bonuses they have currently on offer so it may be beneficial for you to utilize those types of bonuses to give you even more chance of winning big!

Bingo Slot Games

You will be surprised at just how many different types of slot machines are available at online and mobile bingo sites, and as such if you do enjoy having the occasional slot playing session then that is something you can do when logged into any bingo site.

However, as you may not have played slot machines at bingo sites before then have a quick look at the following guide which will point you in the right direction in regards to what bingo slot games you will come across and which slot games will give you the best and most entertaining bingo slot playing sessions.

Bingo Slots with Progressive Jackpots – How do you fancy playing a slot game at a bingo site on which in one spin of the reels you could instantly become a multi-millionaire?

Well if that is something which does appeal to you, as we are sure it will for more bingo players, then make sure you get stuck into playing some of the many different progressive slot games offered at any of our top rated bingo sites, for when playing those slot games you could win that one in a life time jackpot payout in seconds!

3 Reel and Classic Bingo Slot Games – It is very true to say that not every player will want to play all singing and all dancing slot games when they are playing any slot machine alongside their chosen bingo game, for those types of slots can often distract you too much away from your bingo playing action!

You will have access to plenty of very basic slot games such as three reel and classic slot machines which have a very simple playing format and playing structure and as such you will never find any directing bonus games or bonus features being awarded to you when playing those types of bingo slot games.

Bonus Game Awarding Video Slots – Probably the best type of bingo slot game playing experiences you will have is when you allocate some time to playing the bingo video slot games.

As those types of slot machines offer lots of pay lines, multiple different staking options and often one or more bonus features or bonus games when playing them you will always find them exciting and potentially very high paying slots too, when you have been lucky enough to trigger one of those features or bonus games that is!



jackpotjoy-120-x60It is usually the busiest and most advertised online bingo sites that most players will try out first, as those sites will be in a players mind whenever they have seen a TV commercial or a radio advertisement for those sites, and usually a generous sign up bonuses will also be promoted on those adverts.

Jackpot Joy has always been a popular bingo site since the day they launched, and they have built up a solid army of players over the many years they have been online. However, as with most other bingo sites there is now a range of sister sisters that are run to the same very high standards as Jackpot Joy, and we have put together the following guide to introduce you to those sites.

So, if you have tried out the bingo software at Jackpot Joy and have found the many different bingo games and side games to your liking, but you now fancy a change of scenery and wish to try your luck at a another bingo site then below you will find those sites which are operated by the same company, all of which by the way will be giving you access to lots of different bingo bonuses and promotional offers too!

The Best Sister Sites to Jackpot Joy

The four bingo sites listed below are part of the same group as Jackpot Joy, and as such they are all fully licensed and regulated sites offering some of the highest paying online bingo games. Take a look at the overview alongside each of those bingo sites as we are more than confident they will all appeal to you in their own unique way!

Heart Bingo – Heart FM is a popular radio station that you can hear in the UK or anywhere via their online audio stream, and they have chosen to give their listeners the ability of playing some of the best paying and most fun to enter bingo games via their instant play and mobile bingo software platforms. So if you want to hear the latest tunes when playing bingo online then Heart Bingo is the site for you!

Sun Bingo – You may be an avid reading of the Sun newspaper for it is one of the biggest circulation newspapers in the UK. They have launched their very own bingo site on which you are going to find every imaginable bingo game being made available to you and you can play those games for free or for real money.

However, do take a look over their website if you want to have the chance to win a life changing jackpot at Sun Bingo for they have a full daily schedule of big jackpot paying games that you are more than welcome to play in!

Virgin Bingo – There are lots do different reasons why we think you are going to have an absolute ball playing at Virgin Bingo. However, it will certainly pay dividends for you to remain loyal to this particular bingo site for they have one of the most generous loyalty schemes in play on their site which will richly reward you for every single bingo card you buy!

Fabulous Bingo – One final site that we think in fact know that you will love playing at is Fabulous Bingo. The operators of this bingo site has paid very carefully attention to their promotional offers which are always very well thought out and will offer you excellent value for money, so do take a good look over their website for dentals of their current promotional offers and make sure you make use of them!

We love playing slots that put us in the mood for summer, much more so obviously when the weather outside has take a turn for the worse or when we are in the autumn or winter seasons. One slot that is sure to brighten up your day is the Tiki Island slot that we have reviewed below.

There are lots of aspects to playing this slot which you may enjoy, the first thing you will notice is that it is a configurable slot and in the following section we will be taking a look at the way you can access and play it on your chosen stake amounts.

A huge base and bonus game jackpot payout is up for grabs too and when playing this slot you have the chance of triggering one of two different bonus features. The first of which is a Coconut picking game triggered via a spun in set of bonus symbols which must appear on any activated payline.

When that bonus game is triggered you can keep on picking off Coconuts from the bonus game screen and winning the cash prizes hiding in each of them until you reveal a collect symbol.

A second bonus game is also on offer and by you spinning in three of the Puffer Fish bonus symbols then you play a second picking game on which you could make it through to several stages of that bonus game, where the bigger and higher valued winning payouts can be achieved and won.

The aim of that picking game is to pick off from the bonus game screen one of the Puffer Fish in the hope the one you select has a cash prize hiding inside it, if so then you progress to the next picking game which is a similarly designed one. However, if at any point in time you pick a Puffer Fish that is empty and has no coin values hidden inside it the bonus game will end instantly.

You will of course win any cash you have accumulated up until that moment in time, but what you will not want to do is to pick and empty fish on your very first pick, for when you do so you will then win nothing from that bonus picking game! So do think long and hard in regards to which fish you do pick off, as it may not necessarily be the fattest fish that has the most cash inside it!

Staking and Playing Options

You can play the Tiki Island slot game for free for as long as you like or you can sample its offerings via the real money playing environment. No matter in which playing environment you do decide to play it you will have plenty of choice in regards to the staking options.

The basic format of this slot is a fully configurable 20 pay line slot and with the coin levels being fully adjustable from as low as just 0.01 up to a maximum coin value setting of a huge 5.00 there will be a staking option that will suit your bankroll down to the ground!

As soon as you have chosen your staking option then all that will remain for you to do is to click onto the spin button, or tap onto that button if playing this slot on a mobile device such as a tablet device and the reels will then be sent into live play.

You are going to be able to form a winning combination as soon as any matching set of at least three reel symbols spin in form left to right on any of your activated paylines beginning on reel number one. Below you will find information relating to all of the winning payouts that you can achieve when playing this slot, and remember low stake players will have a fair chance of winning big thanks to an above average jackpot winning payout.

Jackpots and Payouts

Let us now turn our attention to probably the most important aspect of the Tiki Island slot game that being the payouts you can achieve when playing it along with both the jackpot and RTP information too.

The base game jackpot on offer on this multi stake slot is a whopping 10,000 coins, and as such that could equate to a huge jackpot payout depending on just which on value you choose when setting the staking options. The lowest coin value setting by the way is just 0.01!

The Tiki Islands logo symbols are both the jackpot symbols and the wild symbols, being wilds they do of course stand in for the standard reel symbols, which are all themed around the slot itself. The payout percentage is a respectable one which has been fully independently certified as being a high 96.29% which is higher than quite another of other similarly structured slot games.

As the RTP is set so high on this slot it may be a slot worth considering when you are in receipt of any bonus credits awarded from the casino or bingo site you have chosen to play at.

As more of your stakes are going to get returned to you as you play it, over the long term as winning payouts then that could enable to you make some, most or even all of the play through requirements attached to the bonus you have claimed.

One final thing to note if you are not yet sure as to whether this is going to be a slot you will enjoy playing is that it is available as a free play slot so you can always put it to the test in the demo mode version of the game and see how you get on!

The RTP is set the same in the free play demo mode as in the real money playing environment so that will ensure you get a fair and honest feel for how it plays and pays when testing it out via the demo mode.

The one main differences between the Secrets of the Phoenix slot and all other slots designed by Gamesys is that it offers players something known as the Raining Reels feature, which is a unique base game feature triggered every time you spin in a winning combination on any of your activated pay lines!

How that feature works is quite simple and similar to the Cascade or Avalanche feature found on slots from other designers. As soon as you have sent the reels spinning and a winning combination is spun in then you are initially awarded the winning payout for that win.

However, each of the symbols that formed a winning combination is then removed from the screen and as such the gaps will then be filled in by the symbols directly above those which have been removed.

That therefore gives you an additional chance of forming even more winning payouts once the new symbols drop down, and if you do then you are credited with those payouts and all matching symbols that formed that winning combination are removed once more and replacements then drop down again.

You can win multiple times from a single spin on this slot, which comes with an Egyptian theme, and in the following section of this review of the Secrets of the Phoenix slot we shall take a look at some additional ways you can play it and also its additional bonus games too.

Why Play the Secrets of the Phoenix Slot?

You have plenty of different ways to play the Secrets of the Phoenix slot game and it does offer a generous RTP of some 94.98% so you should get plenty of play time from your slot playing budget and it is also an instant play slot so you will never have to download it!

Pay Lines – You have to play all 25 pay lines attached to this slot games reels for this is one of a handful of slots from Gamesys offering a fixed payline playing structure.

Wild Symbol – There is a wild symbol in play on all five reels of the Secrets of the Phoenix slot game and that symbol is the Red Bird reel symbols. They will stand in for every other reel symbol in play on its reels and can help you form additional winning combinations!

Free Spins– The way in which you are going to be awarded with a set of free spins when playing the Secrets of the Phoenix slot game is very unique, for you will have to get at least four Raining Reels features from the same base game spin and when you do the more of them you are awarded with the more free spins you will then get to play off!

Jackpot – The base game jackpot on offer on the Secrets of the Phoenix slot game is paid out when you get five of the Gold coloured icons landing on any of your activated pay lines, when you do so you are then rewarded with a jackpot payout worth 500 coins in total. The value of that payout will be determined by the coin values you had set the slot game to play out with.

Stakes – Be aware that this slot is a fixed pay line slot and as such on every single spin you send into live play you have to have wagered a minimum of 25 coins, one coin for each of the 25 pay lines. The coin values start at just 0.01 but you can increase them upwards in value to as high as 2.00 and when doing so each spin will cost you 50.00.


sun-bingo-logoThe Sun newspaper is one of the most popular newspapers in the UK, and every day they run a free bingo game inside that newspaper that has awarded a huge amount of cash to players over the years. In fact, it was probably the popularity of that newspaper bingo game that spurred them on to launch their own fully branded online bingo site.

If you have not yet experienced playing bingo at Sun Bingo then you really are going to be in for a treat, for not only do they hold free bingo games but they also offer all depositing players some of the biggest bonuses found online too!

You will find all of your favourite bingo games on offer at Sun Bingo including 75, 80 and 90 Ball Bingo, the latter named bingo game is their most popular variant with players, for not only are there three cash prizes available on each game played, they also offer some life changing jackpot paying low stake 90 Ball bingo games throughout the day and night.

In fact, recently they have also launched their very own mobile bingo sites too and as such if you ever want to play bingo when out and about simply download their app onto your phone and you can then play bingo at any time you like from anywhere!

Sites as Good as Sun Bingo

There are also plenty of additional sister sites to Sun Bingo which offer the same type of bingo games but also offer a range of unique bingo promotions and different bingo bonuses will be made available to you when you sign up to any of those sites. With that in mind below are the four most popular sites that are run to the same high standards as Sun Bingo is!

Heart Bingo – There is a lot to like about Heart Bingo, they have been around for quite a number of years now and offer players both an instant play and mobile bingo playing software platform.

In addition to all of the best types and varieties of bingo games you are also going to be able to play a large suite of bingo side games all of which offer you the additional chance of winning what may just turn out to be a life changing jackpot win!

Jackpot Joy – As the name of Jackpot Joy does imply they are famed for their huge range of mega paying bingo games, no matter when you log onto their bingo site you are going to be assured of having access to some of the very highest paying bingo games.

Those bingo games come with lots of different ticket prices, and if you are looking for the maximum value from your bankroll then make sure you make use of their daily bingo bonuses and promotions offers, and also do look out for their free of charge bingo games too as most of them come with real cash prizes!

Virgin Bingo – There are lots of well known and very trusted companies who you would not usually associate with gambling who own and operate their own online bingo sites. One of those companies is the Virgin Group and as such by playing at Virgin Bingo you will be in very safe and trusted hands!

Fabulous Bingo – Make sure you also take a good look over one final sister site of the top rated Sun Bingo site that being Fabulous Bingo, their website will enlighten you on all of their currently available bonus offers of which they have plenty of them on offer to players both old and new!

wicked-jackpots-tableLand based slot game players who are looking to play some of their favourite slots online should make their way over to the new Wicked Jackpots casino site, for by doing so you are going to find lots of different slot games which started out being available in land based casinos!

Wicked Jackpots are offering not only slot players but any type of casino game player a large and growing suite of instant play casino games and plenty of valuable bonuses and promotional offers too. Plus, being licensed by the Government of Gibraltar in addition to the UK Gambling Commission you will find they operate to the very highest of standards.

Bonuses and Casino Promotions

You are never obliged to take any of the bonuses available at Wicked Jackpots Casino, for they are completely optional so you are free to make use of them or refuse them if you would prefer to play with your own credits.

However, if you do want to extend your initial gaming session when playing there as a real money player then do make sure that you claim their deposit match bonus offer on which up to 350.00 is waiting to be claimed.

To give you an added chance of winning and hopefully winning big in addition to their deposit match bonus they are currently giving away to all new players a large number of free spins on one of their slot games, the winnings you achieve from playing off those free spins will be credited to your casino account as per their terms and conditions.

Gaming Platforms and Casino Games

We think you are going to have an absolute ball if you are an avid slot player and you sign up to Wicked Jackpots, for not only do they have an instant play gaming platform, which does of course mean you are not going to be wasting your valuable slot playing time waiting for any of their games to download, but their selection of slots is very wide and varied.

What makes their range of slot games appealing to all slot players is that they have not limited the range of slot games on offer to those supplied from one single designer they in fact have games from many different companies including those companies that supply land based casinos with their slot machines.

So by signing up and registering as a new player you will find slot games on offer that you may well have played in a land based casino! Those slots all play and pay in the same way as they do at land based casinos, and as such you will find they boast high payout percentages and all manner of bonus games and bonus features can be triggered and awarded to you.

One final thing to note about the games offered at Wicked Jackpots is that they have some huge paying progressive slot games on offer too, so when playing those particular slot games you could walk off with a once in a life time mega jackpot payout!

Deposits and Withdrawals

It is of course up to you whether you want to play for free or for real money at any casino site you choose to play at, However, when you do decide to give any of the games a try at your selected casino site you will want to have peace of mind in knowing the casino will pay you all of your winnings speedily and not force you to jump through any hoops to get paid your winnings.

That is something you will always be guaranteed of as a player at Wicked Jackpots, for not only do they have a reputation as being a very fast paying casino site, but they do also give all of their players plenty of choice in regards to how they can make a deposit and also access their funds.

You will have no difficulties making a deposit by credit cards or debit cards including prepaid debit cards, plus to ensure every single one of their players can make a deposit without any fuss or hassle they also allow you to fund your account using e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill and also accept PaySafeCard too.

Why Play at Wicked Jackpots Casino?

Once you do sign up and play at Wicked Jackpots Casino we are more than confident that you will never need or want to play anywhere else! However, if you are still a little bit unsure as to whether they are going to be offering you everything you need, then read on to discover some of their outstanding features and some additional benefits of choosing to play there.

Fair Games – By playing at Wicked Jackpots you can play any one of their casino games safe in the knowledge you are accessing and play fair and random games. Each game available has been independently tested and has been deemed and certified as being fair and 100% random.

Fully Configurable Games – You will always have the ability of putting together your own unique gaming experience no matter of which of the games at Wicked Jackpots Casino you choose to play, as every single one of their games come with lots of player adjustable option settings.

Those option settings include you also being able to alter and adjust the stake levels at which you play any of their games for, so both high stake payers are going to be able to set the games to play for very high stake amounts and low stake players will always be able to set the games to play for low modest amounts too.

Fast Daily Payouts – The in-house cashiers at Wicked Jackpots work seven days a week and as such that means that whenever you have requested a winning payout their team of dedicated cashiers are going to then pull out all of the stops to ensure you winning payout is processed and sent back to you via your chosen banking option quickly and with no long and drawn out delays.